Author Topic: Useful? Take a look, solar-system orbit calculator.  (Read 8623 times)

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Re: Useful? Take a look, solar-system orbit calculator.
They are in fact in a possible position, and the relative shadow geometry and all that is in fact correct for Sep 25 2387 around 19:30 UT.  However, what ****s it up is the position of the Sun; it should be a smidgen or so farther south than it is, due to Jupiter's orbital inclination.  Remember what I said about nitpickiest of nits? (I've attached proof from Celestia)

How the hell did it get that close to correct

what is this I don't even


I see what you mean by Sun being a few degrees too high. But I can't believe the random position I put the planet and moons in is actually that close to right date... :nervous:
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