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Vasudan Logistic Ship texture
While the negotiations were going on, I took a closer look at the Presejet and noticed a problem with the texture. There are two lines running through the model were the textures don't fit together. See attached screenshots.

When taking another look at it in the F3 techlab I also noticed that LOD0, 2 and 3 all have the yellow stripes on top, but LOD1 doesn't.

I know that, with the Karunas drain on performance and work on WiH2, this is a very low priority problem, but figured you might want to know anyway.... if you don't already.

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Re: Vasudan Logistic Ship texture
Hum, so that's what normals are supposed to look like ? Pretty.
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Re: Vasudan Logistic Ship texture
As I recall that's a problem with the original retail texture, it's not suitable for tiling. The BP/FSU team just upgraded the original.
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