Author Topic: [Solved] get XFire to see SCP?  (Read 1095 times)

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[Solved] get XFire to see SCP?
bah nevermind delete this plz...solved it myself
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Re: get XFire to see SCP? (nevermind)
Well, the polite course of action would be to tell how you did it, in case someone else is experiencing the same difficulties.
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Re: get XFire to see SCP? (nevermind)
then i will do that...

first went to xfire games, find FS2, set to manual detect, browse for game path.

for me, i could also select (in Files of type:) fs2_open_3_6_10.exe so i did that then renamed the .exe my launcher uses to that.

Also of course apply changes in xfire game options. That is pretty much it.



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Re: get XFire to see SCP? (nevermind i solved it but if anyone needs help...)
So your using a renamed 3.6.12 exe that is not compatible with 3.6.10 exes with people that are probably using 3.6.10 exes.  That is very bad. 
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Re: get XFire to see SCP? (nevermind i solved it but if anyone needs help...)
I don't see how? Didn't affect the game or anything.

People probably using 3.6.10? Um no the few ppl I know that play FS are using 3.6.12 (and did what I did to get XFire to see FS).


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Re: get XFire to see SCP? (nevermind i solved it but if anyone needs help...)
in windows the easiest xfire fix is to find \Program Files\Xfire\xfire_games.ini (amend the path as appropriate for your system)
open it in notepad
search freespace 2
change the line LauncherExe= to the full name of the exe file including the extension

update it every time you get a new version of FSO (I have a desktop shortcut to the file)
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Re: get XFire to see SCP? (nevermind i solved it but if anyone needs help...)
yea thats what I tried before it didn't work...maybe I messed up idk lol