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Newer Comer with a question
I just stumbled across The Babylon Project today and I installed it. I like it, but, I have hit a problem. 10 minutes into any mission or game, and my mouse freezes. I cannot get my ship to move up or down. And, when I press to end the game, I can't move the mouse to close the game. I can get off the game with pushing the esc button, but, it is annoying that my first six attempts to play the game I am unable to really play after so short a time. Beyond that, the game works fine.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Newer Comer with a question
Are you using 3.6.12 and Zathras 2.0?  If not update.  If the problem persists run the debug build and attach the FS2_Open.log from the data directory.

You might also want to try run in window in the dev tools.  It's possible a program is taking focus in the background. 
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Re: Newer Comer with a question
Hope you find a solution to this; if you start playing TBP or any space sim regularly I would seriously recommend getting a decent joystick for the best flying experience :)

The only suggestion I can think of for now for your problem is to try [ALT]+[TAB] (hold down the [ALT] key, then press [TAB] one or more times.)  This is the standard Windows key combination to switch between running programs so if another program is taking the focus away from the game, this key combination can be used to switch focus back to the game.  If you can get your mouse back after doing the above, the next step is to find out which naughty program is spoiling your fun :)

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