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Hello, Hardlight.

I'm fairly new to the multiplayer of FreeSpace 2 and I need help on a couple issues. I want to play a LAN game with a friend of mine so we both made accounts on FS2NET, and I opened all the required ports on both computers, but we're lucky to have us both connected at the same time. Usually it's one person who is able to connect to the server and one person who always disconnects. If we both connect we can't see each other in the lobby. At one point we got to see one of our games, when I tried to join it gave me a message that an "identical player" was already in the room.


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Bear in mind you don't need FS2NetD to play a LAN game. Only if you both want to save your stats.

If  you do, try using the force port option in the launcher to change to a different port number. The problem is that you are on a LAN and therefore as soon as you pass through your router to the big world outside you are in effect on the same computer as you both have the same IP address.

Otherwise simply turn off PXO from the options menu and you should be able to play.
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It's as simple as that? So as an example, what port would we change to? Would they have to be different ports for each person?
Also by forcing the ports would we be able to play online games to save stats? Or does that involve the force IP as well?

Edit: Well I feel rather incompetent... Had I looked some half way down the page I'd have all the answers I need.
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