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I was thinking I'd show off a mission I've been working on. Here's a video of it -

It's a pretty basic mission and still a work in progress, just shooting at hostile freighters while they shoot back. I got the idea to make it after my brother told me about a similar mission he had made for Freespace 2. Basically during a deep space exercise testing a fighter with experimental weapons you were attacked. The other fighters and ships with you were destroyed and you were the only survivor, and the closest help is over a week away by hyperspace. While you're waiting to die your scanners pick up a hostile supply convoy and you decide that if you're going to die you might as well try to take out as much of the convoy as possible.


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well, yeah it's WIP and basic. Keep up the good work nonetheless.

Since mission design is difficult to judge in a video, I will instead comment on the lack of an interesting background. If you want, check the official TBP website, there are actually some nicer backgrounds to download.
The scenario might be a bit problematic, since it's difficult to get dialogue. On the other hand, you could go a more arcade way with this mission, since you are not supposed to survive anyway right  :)  Come up with a good scoring system (combos, survival time bonus when close to the convoy, whatever) and don't forget to make it obvious to the player by using messages.
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