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an AAR from the Gauntlet record holder
So far  :P :yes:

So this is gonna be a pretty shoddy AAR, just saying that right of the bat. Mainly because I don't know how to write proper one, and plainly because I'm too lazy (and I accidentally closed the tab half-way through writing it before)

We unfortunately start out pretty late in the game, probrably wave 5-6. I wasn't really planning on taking screenshots, it just kinda started happening by itself. The two most damaged ships you see in this picture are the first 2 Nara's I started out with, pretty happy I managed to keep them alive so far.

Action shot of my Nara's absolutely pounding the crap out of a poor Raynor, take that Admiral Steele! :P (I usually make it customary to keep my ships out of beam range but it gets kinda hard to micromanage when the framerate is working against you, oh and taking pictures at the same time :P)

About wave 13 now, finished off the enemy's fleet of Orion's, Raynor's, Deimos's, Aeoulus's and a couple of Nara's. Heading for the lone Solaris :P

Yup,  Goodnight Byrne, we won't miss you.

Maybe that wasn't the best idea though...Cause what happened next...On wave 14...Spelled the end of me and my good run. Yep, surrounded by Naras. All those red parallelograms are enemy Nara's, surrounding mine and already opening fire.

I was losing ships faster than you could say "We're more screwed than those guys in the alternate reality" and out of desperation I called in 5 solaris's from another alternate alternate reality.

They didn't last though...One has already popped like a balloon in this picture

And here goes the last one. Calder you will be given a hero's burial.

And the end result ofcourse :P

* Scores for game on 2/11/2011 12:00:10 PM
* Game lasted 2382.973876953125 seconds
* Survived to wave 14, which was an example of type Test
* GTC Fenris kills: 87
*      total value: 13050 RU
* GTD Orion kills: 9
*      total value: 12150 RU
* GTC Aeolus kills: 72
*      total value: 18000 RU
* GTCv Deimos kills: 36
*      total value: 28800 RU
* UEFg Narayana kills: 12
*      total value: 14400 RU
* UEF Uhlan kills: 980
*      total value: 98000 RU
* UED Solaris kills: 1
*      total value: 2000 RU
* GTD Raynor kills: 3
*      total value: 4950 RU
* Total value of all kills: 191350 RU
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Re: an AAR from the Gauntlet record holder
LVLShotted for easy reading for those with smallscreens.


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Re: an AAR from the Gauntlet record holder
Holy crap these battles are huge.


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Re: an AAR from the Gauntlet record holder
Explotions, lots of them yeah!
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Re: an AAR from the Gauntlet record holder
Always good to see Homeworld 2 showing off what its capable of. I'ma go dig out my disc and wait for this.