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All I can say is wow! The screenshot of this project look incredible. I know the devs probably get asked this all the time but I wonder when it's going to be completed. Hopefully there are voiceovers and everything.  I will be on pins and needles till this is released. Keep up the good work guys. Wish I could help with the development. I've done a little 3d modeling in the past. I'm a bit of an artist too. Oh and I can do great character voices. :D

I'd imagine no one would be upset if you picked a ship and started modelling it. If your worried about not being technically proficient enough, don't worry. I know I've learned a lot since my first Carrack, and there are people who are willing to help out.

In fact, if you help out, this mod might just go faster. That would mean less time on pins and needles ;)