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an error message when running BP 2
hello all! first thing i want to say is congratulations to the creators and programmers of Blue planet for their second relese of the blue planet mods: BluePlanet 2 War in Heaven!

very nice job with the opening cut scene my friends i severely enjoyed it!

when the next mission went to load however i was promted with this error message:
Could not load in FictionViewer-m!
ntdll.dll! KiFastSystemCallRet
kernel32.dll! WaitForSingleObjectEx + 67 bytes
kernel32.dll! WaitForSingleObject + 18 bytes
fs2_open_3_6_12r_INF_SSE2.exe! <no symbol>
fs2_open_3_6_12r_INF_SSE2.exe! <no symbol>

so i clicked ok and went inot debug mode. it then sends me to the personal log of naomi laporte, in which i can scroll but not continue onto the mission.

i have taken and istalled all of the media vps and i do have the latest inferno build, i am currently downloading the advanced for BP2 and im not sure that i need it(but i said why not?)
could anyone advise?
thank you


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Re: an error message when running BP 2
Don't worry, we can fix this in a heartbeat. The best way for you to give us the information we need is to run a debug build (ends in -d or -debug) with Blue Planet 2 selected, run the game until you hit that error, then go to FreeSpace2/data/, find the file called fs2_open.log, and post it here.

We should have this sorted out in about five minutes once that gets done.