What kind of head ANI/personas should be used for this mod?

Freespace Default
Static - Symbols (Static UNSC Symbol, Covenant Insignia, etc)
Static - Anime-style/Sketched
Static - "Borrowed" Faces (from official Halo games, graphic novel)
Animated - Symbols
Tech Room View???

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Currently using default, though I've created a few static symbols. I'm currently leaning towards Animated - Symbols, personally. I think it would prove very ambitious to animate things taken from game footage, so it is beyond my current scope of work. I know a few talented people that would like to draw some things but I'm not sure they'd be ready to draw the amount I would want in game if I went that route.

Another thought I had, and I like the idea very much, would be for someone in the SCP to enable head ANI's to instead display the Tech Room animation of the ship sending the message. Perhaps this is beyond the engine's capabilities, but I've seen some wonders come out of the source code group  :yes:

As always I welcome anyone's thoughts and comments.

I'd go for symbols, either animated or static.  Having animated heads would be great, but I'm not sure how long that would delay release.
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Preferably symbols. Doesn't matter too much as long as you have a unified art set.


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Static: emblem. (or perhaps profile)

Why?  Because we get a good view of an open com channel in Halo: Reach, and it's always either a head profile (Winter Contingency, which was an entire relay station), or a static emblem on the console mount later in the campaign.


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Yeah, but that was one of the worst parts of Reach.


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I went animated Icons because you then avoid gender issues while having one of those ohh thats nice details, though a static icon would work well
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It's possible to assign a (slightly modified) tech room ani for a message, though it'd have to be done manually.


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Static - "Borrowed" Faces (from official Halo games, graphic novel) or Static - Symbols (Static UNSC Symbol, Covenant Insignia, etc)
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Can't you just use Static? As in radio interference static?

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Can't you just use Static? As in radio interference static?

oh, the wit!