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Official Fate Of The Galaxy :(
SWTOR Fate of the Galaxy Trailer PAX 2011

Re: Official Fate Of The Galaxy :(
Duh, what now? Change the name, keep it?

The trailer looks nice. I would be more excited if it was a singleplayer game though   :sigh:

Re: Official Fate Of The Galaxy :(
The game itself is not actually called Fate of the Galaxy. I think that's the title of that particular trailer.

Re: Official Fate Of The Galaxy :(
I thought it's the title of an Add-on for The Old Republic.


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Re: Official Fate Of The Galaxy :(
I checked Wookieepedia's The Old Republic page, and it doesn't mention anything about "Fate of the Galaxy." Even if it did, these are two different genres for two different kinds of player. We aren't interfering with LucasArts's business in any way.
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Re: Official Fate Of The Galaxy :(
I don't think they're going to make a space sim anytime soon.
So, FoTG should be safe. If Lucas really makes something named "Fate of the Galaxy", FoTG could always fall back to being Star Wars Conversion.