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FS2 open installer / game control problem
i got a weird problem on fs2 using this FS2 Open Launcher 5.5g, i cant use Afterburner in game even I go config the afterburner on my joysticks button, when i push it there comes sound but nothing happens... also tried to use default configs where it is on "Tab"-key, neither it wont work.

anyone got any idea how to fix this??? cant play without afterburner :)

and im using Saitek Cyborg V1 FlightStick.


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Re: FS2 open installer / game control problem
I don't think you're actually using FreeSpace Open. It sounds like you're running a retail executable - that bug doesn't happen any more on FSO.

Select fs2open_3612_INF_SSE2 as your build in the launcher using the browse tab and run that.