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Attn: Fs2 Model Techs
Thanks Shrike for fixing that registry problem...cheers :D

Hey everyone ;) I'm not here to return just yet, I think I'm quite better off without the net, because I get more work done. Anyhow just asked for some community cooperation here...thanks

Fs2 Model Technicians
To all Model Techs that have created models for Freespace2, could you please list what models you have made. Along with the title please list the type they are in terms of fighters, bombers, cruisers, etc and if it was a joint project or you single handedly created it yourself, oh and if possible could you show us a picture with a completion date. You probably want to know what I'm going to get out of this, I just want to see whose created what and with who and possibly see an image. That's as best of an answer I can give but I hope you post what you've done...thanks once again.

Just one pointer don't expect any response until about a week later...


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(Terran unless specified)

(Ghost and the Darkness, aborted models)

SPF Firehawk - rebel fighter
GTsB Scimitar - Stealth bomber
GTSG safat - AAAf sentry gun
GTWC Gryphon - Flak cruiser
GTCa Warlock - Supercarrier
SSD Diablo - Shielded super-destroyer

GTF Claymore Mk.I  - Scout / Interceptor*
GTF Claymore Mk.II - Space Sup*
GTF Vesuvius - Space Sup.*
GTF Valkyrie Mk.II - Interceptor*
GTF Stentor - Valk II reskin, assault
GTF Selkie (old) - hybrid fighter
GTF Selkie (new) (unreleased)*
GTB Peregrine - Light assault bomber*
GTB Cherufe - Light bomber
GTB Gagana - Heavy bomber*
GTFr Vela - megafreighter (+ cargo pod)
GTC Orc - Flak cruiser
SOC Viper - SOC Cruiser
SOCv Rapier - SOC heavy corvette / frigate
SOD Segomo - destroyer
SOCa Rosmerta - Carrier
Nightmare fighter
Nightmare bomber
Nightmare Carrier
Nightmare Destroyer
Classified installation 1
Classified installation 2

See -
for available info


SCv Scylla - Corvette
GVF Reshef - Assault fighter*
GTB Surt - 'special weapons' bomber (WIP)*
GTF Alves - Interceptor (WIP)
GTF Ymir - Assault (WIP)
GTF Svalin - Space Superiority (WIP)
GTB Berserker - 'strike' bomber (WIP)
GTF Skaid - Special Operations Covert Assault (WIP)
GTF Talon - name TBC - stealth interceptor (WIP)
GVI Ogdoad - installation (WIP)

Plus about 20 or so unfinished meshes that I released a while back.

(WIP - textured LOD0, but not yet LOD-ed or fully pof edited)

About another 10 ships in the early modelling stages (un/partially textured)

all by me excpet where *interface,hud,etc artwork by Sesquipedlian (SP?)


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her, way too many, sorry :p


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I found a little mis int the VALKYRIE IIb (Stentor):

The add to ships.tbl contains "valkyrie2b.pof"  - valkyrie2.pof is required and available - and with this little change neither FRED2 no FS2 itself crashes :)
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NOTE: None of these has been released, however, some are currently in the possesion of Dark Alliance, if they want to use them, and all are going to be featured in my campaign.
:yes:=Hand made, by myself

UTF Omnicron (Fighter):yes:
UTF Reckoner (Fighter):yes:
UTF Scemp (Fighter):yes:
UTVCR Oberon (This is a carrier):yes:
UTVC Creton (Cruiser):yes:
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Originally posted by Brummel
I found a little mis int the VALKYRIE IIb (Stentor):

The add to ships.tbl contains "valkyrie2b.pof"  - valkyrie2.pof is required and available - and with this little change neither FRED2 no FS2 itself crashes :)

valkyrie2b.pof is the valkyrie model with references to the alternate maps, and the added gunpoints...... it should work fine, provided the pof & maps is in the DL file.


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i made 1 model a while back

Orbital Defense Gun (basically a 2km mjolnir)
Offically approved by Ebola Virus Man :wtf:
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I have a reskinned a couple of existing ships, but nothing more than that. :p


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AC Gordia ( ancient ship )
Made: about 1 year ago.
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I'm only listing models I made, if I do models I've converted or completed for people, it would be at least 4 times larger than this list :D

These are the ones I can remember, probably a few more...

Shivan Knossos - Old Knossos Device
SSJ Gigas - Shivan Super Juggernaught
GVSJ Sechat-Hor - Aborted Vasudan SJugg
Terran Knossos Device - Terran Subspace Portal
GTI Atlantis - Massive Construction Station
GTCv Phobos - Corvette Based of Darks Model
SI Arachnas - Shivan Installation
GVSD Het-Ka - Vasudan Superdestroyer
EAC Aesacus - EA Antifighter Cruiser
EAD Lindos - EA Destroyer
EASD Nemesis - Joint model with N_P, EA Superdestroyer
GVC Sai - Vasudan Cruiser
GVD Apothess - Vasudan Destroyer
VCI Bastet _ Vasudan Intelligence Destroyer
GVI Cario Extension - Extension for Bobboaus Cairo
SD Iblis - Shielded Shivan Destroyer
AC Heraklion - Ancient Cruiser
AD Pylos - Ancient Destroyer
GTB Notus - Terran Massive Bomber
GTI Arcas - Terran Station
Meson Warhead - Big Bomb
AB Myrtos (old) - Ancient Bomber
EA Carrier - Incomplete EA Carrier

For pics see sig...


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Thanks for all the replies :)


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I have big plans, now if only I could see them through.

LiberCapacitas duo quiasemper
Nav buoy - They mark things

-FS2-New Dawn Resolution:
-Galactic Terran Destroyer(s):

XT-01 (Next Generation) Nexus Class
Northampton Class (Beta)
USTAD / GTAD Armageddon (Discontinued)


GTF Nas (Advanced "SSF" First Strike Fighter)
GTF Sturmvogel (Advanced Heavy Assault)
GTF Einhander (Hybrid Shivan-Terran-Vasudan fighter)


GTB Templar (Revamped Ursa bomber utilizing Nexus Tech.)


GTCv Chariot (TBL Developed - model is deimos for now.)

-Sentry Guns Etc.

Allied Defense Satilite (ADS Sentry)


Caliban Cove Mobile Space Factory

-5-Kilometer ships or larger

New Mecca Class Colony Vessel (GTVA Colossus reskin)
New Millennium Class Colony Vessel (New Model drafted on paper looking for modeler)


Mariemea Faction Fighter (MF) Ch'uan (Authority in Chinese)
MF Katana
MF Shuaijan (Snake)

AWAC Ghost

MFD Serpent
MFD (XT-02 Class) Mariemea
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Might as well list mine. (Many of which haven't been mentioned before or seen by anyone else.) All are unfinished and many haven't been hull tested.

GTSC Aristotle
?B Bat (goes along with the razor)
Unnamed Destroyer/Carrier (Carriar.wings)
Unnamed Corvette, my first Wings3D model (Corvette.wings)
GTF Dagger
Davar, undecided class
GunShip (Probably not worth mentioning, a turret test model)
GVF (maybe) Hawk
GTA Hope
Unnamed civillian passenger liner (Liner.wings)
GTS/GTFR? Livingston
RDF Oberth (From Robotech for use with the Robotech MOD, my first non-original model)
Unnamed odd thingy (Odd.wings)
GTF Osprey
GTF Raptor (2 versions, undecided which I like better)
?F Razor (goes along with the bat)
Sakar, undecided class, didn't turn out like I'd imagined
Unnamed weird looking space station (Station1.wings)
?Cv Stinger
?C (maybe) Talaren, another experiment that's not quite right
GTD Valiant
GTF? Valor (public domain now as far as I'm concerned)
GTFR Varin
Veltar another turret test model, almost a bomber
?F maybe SF Wasp, in a word: weird
GTB Wraith

Most of these don't have pictures up. The ones that do (Stinger, Valiant, Valor) are at:
Any new pics will go to:
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