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[WIP] Hertak Apocalypse
Here's something that I was working on while I was still on the Wings of Dawn team. This is the Hertak Apocalypse, a ship that was supposed to be in Wings of Dawn 2, but got tossed out since Spoon didn't like how the mesh was. At the time, I didn't know how to rig models at all so I kinda gave up. Today, I just got the spark of desire to finish this model, and now that I know how to rig, bring this baby in game.

When I finish rigging this model and building the tables for it, I'm going to release it to the public, making it the first fan made ship to be released for Wings of Dawn. Spoon, if you want to use this all of a sudden for some reason, you're free to use it once I release it or anyone can use for that matter. I'm currently working on debris, and once that's done I'll get a real turret setup on the ship and send it out. This will probably take a while, since I have no clue how to rig with nonplanar multiparts.

Some early WIP pics way back when: 1 2 3 4 5


Thoughts, love confessions, and death threats to Andrew can all go here. :p

Hey Andrew what are you going to make next? Probably the LSF Knight that's been mentioned in WoD1 a few times but is never seen.
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Re: [WIP] Hertak Apocalypse
Head needs to be a Bigger Beam Cannon IMO.


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Re: [WIP] Hertak Apocalypse
Looks interesting, I actually like the design more than the current version of Apocalypse. :)
Rigging side mounted MP turrets can be done in PCS2, for modelling, threat them just like regular MP turrets.


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Re: [WIP] Hertak Apocalypse
Looks like the claw of death... I like it.
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Zacam: Uh. No, using an effect is okay. But you are literally using the TECHROOM ani as the weapon effect.