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Ship heavily damaged at start of some scenarios.
A bug I've come across in a few scenarios, I'm not sure what's causing it. (But I'm having trouble getting Zathras to work, so perhaps that's it?) But on some scenarios, when I start the module I only have like 2% hull integrity left.

I haven't played every scenario in the DVD release yet, but so far I've noticed it in the first scenario of the Infestation campaign, and the 2nd scenario of the training module set. Which really sets up a weird situation, because you simultaneously win and fail that mission from the outset.

I played through "The Raider Wars" with no problem, also ran the "The Long, Twilight Struggle" scenario and the first Brakiri War scenario without this trouble, so it's only happening on certain modules and not others.

Any ideas what might be causing this and what a fix might be? I have a Windows 7 machine, let me know what other info you might need.

Re: Ship heavily damaged at start of some scenarios.
Ok, the problem seemed to be that I had build 3_6_9 and needed 3_6_12.  And it seems to have cleared up the problem.

However, when I start one of those missions now, instead of getting the damaged ship, I get a warning that says, "Warning! Freespace was unable to find 1 weapon class while loading this mission. This can happen if you try to run a campaign that is incompatible with the current mod." I get this error whether or not Zathras is running, so it's not a Zathras problem. Any ideas?


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Re: Ship heavily damaged at start of some scenarios.
Try a new pilot. Changing by 3 versions can easily corrupt a pilot file.
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