Author Topic: Trouble with Typhon model in new VPs  (Read 4418 times)

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Trouble with Typhon model in new VPs
After a long hiatus I came back to hard light and saw new releases of FSport and STR  :D

Unfortunately when I went to play STR the first mission locked up during the loading of the mission briefing. I fired up the debug build and it choked on the typhon model. Out of curiosity I went to the tech room and same thing, trying to load the model locks up or crashes FSO.

I'm going to attach the fs2_open.log for the techroom crash to the end but the interesting part is:

Loading model 'Typhon.pof'
Potential problem found: Unrecognized subsystem type 'fighterbay 1', believed to be in ship Typhon.pof
Potential problem found: Unrecognized subsystem type 'fighterbay 2', believed to be in ship Typhon.pof
IBX: Found a good IBX to read for 'Typhon.pof'.
IBX-DEBUG => POF checksum: 0xb40cf996, IBX checksum: 0xd45ef8a7 -- "Typhon.pof"
WARNING: "IBX: Safety Check Failure!  The file doesn't contain enough data, deleting 'Typhon.bx'" at modelinterp.cpp:4543
Int3(): From c:\code\fs2_open_0\code\globalincs\windebug.cpp at line 1277

I had done a clean install of the game and all mods using GOG for the main install and Tureys installer for the rest.
I've also tried re-downloading the mods and associated optional components manually with no results.

Any troubleshooting ideas?

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Re: Trouble with Typhon model in new VPs
It could be a corrupted cache file, try cleaning that folder up and firing up the game again.

Don't close FS when loading the mission or watching the Typhon in the lab, it will take some time for FS to build up a new cache file of the model.
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Re: Trouble with Typhon model in new VPs
The current FSPortMVP Typhon model does have issues, and they're working on correcting and testing it, and the other issues that have popped up.


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Re: Trouble with Typhon model in new VPs
I'm having the same issue; I even tried extracting capital03.pof from the original FS2 .VPs and putting it in my FSPort/models folder. Still no dice. Not sure what's going on.
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Re: Trouble with Typhon model in new VPs
Probably because it's supposed to go in fsport-mediavps/data/models, not FSPort/models. Just sayin'
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