Author Topic: [Solved] Ship Texture issue ( damage lightning )  (Read 1278 times)

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[Solved] Ship Texture issue ( damage lightning )
"Damage lightning looks weird."
Some people have described it as "flickering white triangles". Regardless of the description, it is naturally wrong. Download this shader fix pack and place extract the .vp from it to \freespace2\mediavps\ .

I think that describes my problem. I only play FSO infrequently, but I know this was not an issue the last time I played it. I have not noticed any other issues with FSO.  Installing the fix above ( copy ma-sdrvfix.vp to \FreeSpace2\mediavps_3612 ) does not seem to help.  I re-installed the latest GPU drivers - although I let Steam install the same update recently.

What should I try next ?

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Re: Ship Texture issue ( damage lightning )
You should try dropping this into your freespace 2 folder. Newer ATI drivers have a problem with with freespace so using this should fix the white triangles.
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Re: Ship Texture issue ( damage lightning )
Thank you for the reply rscaper.

When I place atioglxx.dll in the Freespace2 folder, the 3612 EXEs crash - I tried release and debug.

Let me describe the problem in detail in case it is a different issue than the one from Read This Before Posting thread...I have attached a screenshot.
When lightning arcs between sections of a damaged ship, one or more of the sections will briefly become completely white . After the lightning flickers out, the ship sections display the correct texture.
(This could happen on fighters, but I only notice it on bigger ships ).


I think it is working now....
I installed old AMD GPU drivers version 10-11. The old drivers by themselves did not fix the graphical issue.
They did let me use the atioglxx.dll WITHOUT crashing  - - which fixed the graphical issue.
Thank you for your help.

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Re: [Solved] Ship Texture issue ( damage lightning )

I just installed the the newer AMD 11_8 drivers dated  8/17/2011.
The game would crash immediately.
After removing atioglxx.dll, the game would load and run.
However, with this driver set, the lightning / white texture issue is not there.