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Nexus 2 might be coming back.
What was once believed to be dead, might just have been brought back to life: Hungarian developer 'Most Wanted Entertainment' has announced plans to start working on a sequel to critically-acclaimed space strategy game 'Nexus - The Jupiter Incident' and is currently looking for adequate funding and support from the Nexus fanbase.

The company is seeking 400.000€ at crowdfunding site Games-Plant to supplement their own financing. As with other crowdfunding sites, everybody can participate and pledge a certain amount of money, which will only be deducted if the project manages to reach the funding goal within the time limit. Depending on how much you pledge, you'll receive certain benefits ranging from a free digital copy of the game to a special limited edition signed by the developers up to actual profit share.
First news of Nexus 2 appeared back in 2006 after the video of an early tech demo was leaked on the internet. Due to poor sales of the first game from 2004, however, the project wasn't developed any further and was never heard of again... until now.

I'm hoping with all the possible hope a human person can muster that this goes through and happens. Nexus: The Jupiter Incident is one of the most underrated games of all time and when that techdemo came out back in 2006 my mind shat the proverbial bricks.


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Re: Nexus 2 might be coming back.

Awesome, awesome game. I hope they manage to make this sequel.

Re: Nexus 2 might be coming back.
I'd love to see thrusters like at 0:36 in FS.
I also like their blowing up effects more than ours
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Re: Nexus 2 might be coming back.
Reading the topic title made me make an audible sex gasp. Reading the topic leaves me realistically hopeful.... So long as they can duplicate HC's 2005 game engine effects.


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Re: Nexus 2 might be coming back.
Dear God I hope they spend the money to get a coherent translation this time.  I think one of the reasons Nexus was so underrated (and to be clear, I loved it) was the feeling that the storyline and dialog could have been much improved in the translation.  It just felt flat.  That, and the various ship upgrades were in desperate need of proper (useful!) descriptions, and the experience system would have made a great deal more sense if it was (1) explained, and (2) consistent.  The game just felt not-quite finished.

The gameplay was spot-on, though.
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Re: Nexus 2 might be coming back.
Heh, I remember Nexus.  I recall some teeth grindingly difficult missions and much hilarity manifested in the form of one Arthur Norbank.
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