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Machina Terra: Recruiting Again
Since my Lead Mission Designer is temporarily out of business (Slanker) due to personal problems, I've come to the decision of contacting the community to gather more help for the campaign.

Basically, what I need is the following:
Mission Designer: Must have experience with FRED2 and be able to work on missions for the campaign. Demo missions would help me on the selection. Lots of available time are a big plus.

Texture Artist: Anyone who's able to make tiled and skin textures for completed models. Work involves creating and applying textures directly to POF files, no model editing necessary.

Model Mapper: Anyone with Truespace or 3D Studio MAX capable of editing models and add UVW maps to them. This means fighter-like UVW maps mainly, the ones where you have a single texture file. No texture creation ability necessary.

And what is the reward for this? The person appears on the Machina Terra credits, of course. Any member of the team will also receive full information about the campaign storyline, and will have full access to all campaign missions, images, videos, models, weapons, etc. I can also mail a postcard from here if the person really wants.  

Anyone interested on helping can post here or mail me on [email protected] - I'll contact the person and make all arrangements. Thanks in advance to everyone who's willing to help.

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Probably away. Contact through email.


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Machina Terra: Recruiting Again
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