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Sent and email to Warpcore about getting us set up, should know soon.

If I am not the guy that ends up in charge, I will gladly step down (so long as I can help ;)), but, this will get our ball rolling.

Also asked about bug tracking, etc. I have some decent packages available to me, so, I'll let you guys have a look.

Maybe vrodic, penguin, Mysterial and Kazan (if he's back) can help evaluate the suitability of any such programs?

You guys up for it?

If so, you guys use IRC? I'm an op on the maxgaming servers (which are part of a small network) so, we can have a nice quiet, moderated chat if your up for it. Server can be accessed at or via a java chat applet at or

Otherwise, I am on ICQ (37097749), AIM (ETGardner) or MSN ([email protected]), take your pick :)
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