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Justice In The Mist
To kick start the forum may I present the first piece to be shown - something I haven't had time to concentrate on.

Justice In The Mist:


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Very good. :yes2::nod::yes:
I don't know how should you even improve it, all is good. The nebula, anti-aliasing, engines and all that looks very good. :)


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That certainly has got a well done nebulae, but the Orion should be a bit more in the mist, otherwise it looks like the Deimos is a large as the Orion.

BTW, what did you use for nebulae? Volumetric? Environmental?
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Woohoo!!! Finally, a place for art and not just talk :D
Very good nebula effect :nod:


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That is most definitaly a good start for the art-forum :yes:
It came from outer space! What? Dunno, but it's going back on the next flight!
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Very nice. :D :D :D :D :D

But what is that icon in the upper right corner?
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Nice render, Thunder!!!:jaw: It just become part of my growing collection of desktop wallpapers.

May I suggest something? Could you all who want to show your renders to us please provide a thumbnail of it here instead of the full version of the render? Big renders especially slow down the speed at which the forums and threads load. Not everyone has cable or broadband access. Link the thumbnails to the bigger pictures, please.

As for the icon in the small small corner, I think its a letter "T" to symbolise "Thunder".:)


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Originally posted by Stunaep
BTW, what did you use for nebulae? Volumetric? Environmental?

Looks to me like he did it in photoshop w/ the cloud effect(i think thats what its called) and colored it various ways... there's tutorials on this sort of operation.


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I'm glad you all like it - it's a few months old but is infact one of the latest I've got since I've been so busy with everything.

DC has got it right, the nebula was indeed created by layering multiple rendered clouds in photoshop along with some clever use of colors and lighting.

I'll try and remember to thumbnail everything I do from here on in... no promises but I'm on a 56k so I do sympathise :)

The "T" is my symbol, I don't like it that much to be honest but it'll do for the time being. It's just something to point out who did it so I guess it doesn't have to be totally elaborate.

Anyways, glad it's a hit!


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Nice work, I'd have only two suggestions:

1. The density of the mist is a bit strange, the back of the ships is more visible than the front. Dunno if it was your idea to make it like that, but it gives a strange impression.

2. The engine glows would be a bit more visible on such dense a fog, in my opinion. Increase them a bit and it'll be a lot better.
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:jaw: very good but how big is a deimos supost to be ?
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If I said the Deimos was a long way away from the Orion would you believe me? :) Perhaps I'll try tweaking the nebula layers so it's much harder to see the Orion and then engine glows are brighter.

Styxx, I don't really have any control over front/rear nebula density since it's done with complete layers covering the whole thing (and although I haven't tried it I think if I tried using the eraser or something it might leave obvious lines across the whole thing).

I'm going to play with it a bit more I think...