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HLP Newsletter - September 2016

September is here and its back to school time. But you know what else is back? All the fun campaigns and models that dropped off the radar for months! Let's check back up with them!

HLP Newsletter - August 2016

Summer is half over now! Did you get what you wanted done while hiding from the sun's ultra-violent rays? Oh, I'm sorry. Ultra-violet? Now I feel a little silly. ...Just a little. Let's all forget about that misunderstanding by taking a look at HLP's fine works last month!

HLP Newsletter - July 2016

July is the month that we celebrate our independence! Our independence from evil space monsters that try to glass over our planets or make our stars go supernova! We celebrate the independence day... OF THE GALAXY! Now let's see how we're using that freedom in modding!

HLP Newsletter - June 2016

Hear ye, hear ye! It's time for the June 2016 Newsletter of Amazing Space Simulation Related Content!

HLP Newsletter - May 2016

May I interest you in the latest newsletter of activity on HLP? (No pun intended) I am sure you would like all the pretty pictures and content. (No pun intended still) Where could you put it? I'm sure you have the... free space for it. (While Axem gets sacked for terrible puns, check out the monthly activity!)

HLP Newsletter - April 2016

April Fools! You thought I forgot all about this newsletter didn't you! I guess that makes you the April Fool. Or did you expect this and in that case, I'm the April Fool. Aren't we all just fools in the grand scheme of the universe? Let's put those deep thoughts aside as we take a look at last month's work.

And boy there is a lot of it.