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Can't have too many X-COM threads
Well I'm on break from school so why not do another playthrough? These are always fun threads. Won't be as intricate as Shade's from the summer because I'll be trying to get this done (or to the point where it's easy) before break ends, so I've got about a week and a half.

Anyway, my starting roster as of first battle looks like this:
Rifles: (boolit rifles)
   Cream Cheese
   Derpy McRookie #1
   Derpy McRookie #2
   Derpy McRookie #3
Heavy Weapons: (AC)
   Derpy McRookie #4
Demolitions: (Rocket)

And leading my fighter wing in Interceptor-1 is Bottles. Once I research psi we'll be joined by Turambar. My first base is in the US, I'll probably put the next in Europe once I get settled in.

I'm a little rusty so my start is more disorganized than usual, there's really no actual squad organization yet. There will be, though.

Anyway, the first battle went extremely well. We raided the landing site of a medium scout during the daytime, just about the best first mission you can ask for. We started in the northwest. After deploying my tank a sectoid was quickly spotted and dispatched in a field just south of my Ranger. Small amounts of collateral damage was inflicted upon nearby buildings, but that's not our problem. Shortly afterwards Mura and myself disembarked the craft and spotted another sectoid emerging from the debris of the rocket blast that killed the first. Mura quickly dispatched the enemy.

"haha, shoot another rocket"

Mura took dsockwell, Qazwsx, and IIRC Cheese south, and I took a couple no-names and SpardaSon East to investigate a farmhouse. In the meantime, the tank went southeast and actually found the hostile craft. Mura and his team being the closest took up positions around it. The nice thing about these tiny spaceships is that one nice HE grenade will clear it out so that's exaclty what Qazwsx did.

"I did not even want to know what they are looking at"

Mura, Qazwsx, and Mr. Tank were the only ones with kills this mission. No injuries, so all in all it was pretty successful. Very little time passes and we are once again raiding a scout. This time, however, it is a larger scout and a nightime mission. Worse yet, we spawned in the center of the map. Immediately after sending my tank off, it spots a pair of sectoids near the bow of my ranger, who run north past a farmhouse. Rather than chase them, I just had the tank shoot a few rockets through the house.

As Tank drove north through the building to intercept, Noname, SpardaSon, and Dsockwell followed in support. Mura, myself, and a rook took up positions to watch our rear. Dsockwell was able dispatch one of the sectoids, but we soon became pinned down by the remaining sectoid, one still shrouded by darkness, and one southwest of us. I sent a rook to investigate the hidden enemy, and sure enough he found him, taking a hit in the process. One fatal wound, 16 HP remaining. No big deal during mission, but he'll be out of action for at least a month afterwards.

"Can't seem to get a shot off, there's a fence or some **** in the way"

"Your time to shine, rook"

The next turn was pretty comical. Dsockwell, noname, and SpardaSon couldn't quite get a shot off at their hostile, and all three of us couldn't hit one that was hidden. Cheese and Qazwsx also took potshots from the back of the ranger and couldn't hit him. And Qazwsx had a rocket launcher. Fortunately it decided to flee inside the enemy spaceship which it was right next rather than return fire. A noname then proceded to gun down the sectoid to our southwest, and I flanked the sectoid to our north and killed it.

Pressing on toward the craft, we came under fire again from the south. Tank put a rocket through the building, but we still couldn't see anything, so Mura put a few incendiary rounds into the building and that lit things up pretty nicely. I dispatched the sectoid.

"hope these guys are insured, we're sure as hell not paying for this"

Now came the worst part of the mission: infiltrating the spaceship. Despite having the layout memorized, it is very close quarters and filled with bad guys. Naturally, I sent the wounded rookie in first, followed `closely' by myself. The sectoid that wandered in here earlier in the mission appears to have died from its wounds, too. Anyway, needless to say the rookie did not survive. Dsockwell and myself did manage to mop up without too much trouble, however.

"Only 29 TUs? damn, wish I didn't stop to piss on that sectoid's corpse now"

There are undoubtedly unaccounted for kills and mistakes in this account; this is just from memory. And it's hard to remember correctly when I'm save whoring so much. For real kill counts of important people below:
Sqd Polpolion - 3
Sgt Mura - 1
Sqd SpardaSon21 - 1
Sqd Dsockwell - 1
Sgt Cheese - 0
Cpt Qazwsx - 5

Ensign Bottles - 0
Civilian Turambar - 0

And this is where I stopped for the day. I'll play more tomorrow, hopefully with lasers and medkits and armor and spiffy things like that. Also, anyone want to throw their names in? I cannot promise that you'll make it out alive, but I can promise you ETERNAL GLORY when the superior human race completely exterminates the alien menace from this solar system.


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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
I'll put my name in, I guess.  :P

EDIT:  On the condition that I'm an interceptor pilot as soon as another frees up.


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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
I'll put my name in, on condition that I get treated like a trek redshirt.
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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
HMmmm... this drives me to paly tactical quad games.

I may start a LP of UFO: AI.

anyone want to be imortalized as a squadde?
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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
I call shotgun, Team Leader!


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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
I will totally throw my name in the pot too. Also, don't save whore too much, as the game will punish you for doing too well early on, but you probably already knew that. :)
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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
5 kills, woo!
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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
Should I just buy the whole pack on Steam if I want to play this?


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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
I'll throw my name into the pot. These aliens have gotta learnthat this is MY world to dominate, not theirs!  :mad:
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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
Throw my name in as well, should be fun to die horribly.
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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
If you still need some more meat, feel free to add my namesake to your operation.
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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
Eh, why not. Throw me in there, and I'd like a laser rifle when they're available  :beamz:


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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
I haven't gotten all of you in here yet because you can only get so many people on a ranger. But it is completely filled with named people, so that's good. Medkits and laser pistols have been researched but we don't have any useable amounts yet. During that research and work, we detected another medium scout flying around on radar. Bottles and Scotty were sortied to neutralize the threat. Bottles was credited for the kill, just south of Alaska.

Shortly thereafter the alien scum assaulted Rio De Janeiro, and we were forced to intervene.

Fortunately, it was a daytime mission against floaters and reapers, the easiest enemies you can have for a terror mission. My Tank immediately spotted an enemy floater and exploded it to death. Mura and me next. Both of us immediately spotted two floaters on each of our flanks. There were warehouses to the north, a park to the northwest, and fields everywhere else except for a house to the southeast. Tank and Mura engaged the southern two and I tried to kill the top two. 20 rounds later I had one of them dead and Sparda came to save me. So then we needed to concentrate on disembarking and securing the immediate area.

"Most unpleasant, don't you say?"

"Maybe there are chyrisallids around here somewhere, I'd better shoot some civillians

So Sparda took cheese and LordMelvin and tried to go northwest of the nearby buildings. Dekker, Redsniper, and myself went straight north. Myself and RS took point while Dekker checked a warehouse for floaters. Meanwhile, sparda and company were still pinned down by floaters on the opposite side.


Fortunately Mura was able to put a few HE rounds into the further floater, among other things. (by which I mean Sparda and LordMelivn will be out of action for a couple weeks)

"I've got a bad feeling about this"

Shortly thereafter I entered the large warehouse to find a reaper right there. I immediately ran away as fast as I could and RedSniper shot exploding boolits at the reaper


That was the last enemy. Four civillians died and four survived. Sorry, dsockwell. I did what I could. I have a hunch Tank got lots more kills than you see here, too. All in all it wasn't too bad. I had to reload more times to get that map shot than because anyone died.

Kill list
 Sqd Polpolion 5
 Sgt Mura 3
 Sqd SpardaSon 4 (currently wounded)
 Sqd Dsockwell 1
 Sqd Lord Melvin 2 (currently wounded)
 Sgt Cheese 0
 Cpt Qazwsx 5
 Sqd redsniper 1
 Sqd Dekker 0

lieutenant junior grade Bottles 1
Ensign Scotty 0

Haven't managed to squeeze the rest of you in here yet, I'll probably get to you when I get some replacements. Also some of you are girls.


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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
I volunteer for redshirt duty when the inevitable casualties require it.
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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
Dekker checked a warehouse for floaters

Toilet brush resrarch +1?


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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
its a good job X-COM has good collateral damage insurance lol
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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
Signing on. I love Xcom!


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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
haha nice :D
I want in too, my only request is that you give me a heavy weapon.

enjoy your week and a half of fun :yes:
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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
Just to reiterate/expand, when LordMelvin gets off the sick list, give him something like a phaser pistol, put him in a red shirt, and have him run out in front of everybody else where there's no cover. Then make sure that any medical attention he gets amounts to nothing more than a cursory inspection followed by a pronouncement of his deceasedness
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Re: Can't have too many X-COM threads
Welp, redsniper and I are dead. Terror mission in the middle of Africa. Our tank had been knocked out in a previous mission so we were without that cover; I was gunned down shortly after disembarking. Long story short, redsniper and mura were assaulting a gas station and redsniper took a cyberdisc shot to the knee, and then several more to more critical body parts.

@lordmelvin: I'd be plenty happy to oblige if your character weren't such a good shot. :p Kinda regret not save-whoring redsniper back to life, he was pretty good with the autocannon.