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I told Dekker about this already, so I guess I've been holding out on you guys. But he's a Metroid fan, so he kind of deserved to hear about it first.

Some guy is working on a remake of Metroid II with GameBoy Advance-style gameplay and graphics.

AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) uses numerous sprites and tiles that were at least inspired by Metroid Zero Mission and Metroid Fusion.

This game is to Metroid II what Zero Mission was to the original Metroid.

While it is very faithful to the original, I have noticed several gameplay changes so far. First of all, you can aim diagonally like in the GBA (and SNES for that matter). Second, it appears that power grip carried over from ZM; from the start of the game, you can grab on to ledges. Oh, you can wall jump (and single-wall wall jump) in this game too. No complaints.

Third, Alpha Metroids are substantially harder to kill. You can only hurt them by hitting them in the belly with a missile. It appears that this change has really pissed off a lot of people. Me? I'm not complaining.

A map (and a mini map) has been added. Hooray! There is also a new Samus subscreen where you can check out her items/upgrades and stuff. Additionally, there is a "logs" screen, where you can check out... well.... logs. These will reveal information about specific enemies, areas, or parts of the story.

A charge beam has also been added. I'm not complaining.

The ice beam's rate of fire has been decreased. It has been decreased enough to make me mad. Or at least disappointed.

There are no more missile/energy recharge stations. Save stations now do this.

It appears that several minibosses have also been added. During the demo you encounter one on the way back from the chozo ruins after clearing out all of the metroids there (and in the jungle-ish area). This chozo statue mini-boss thing is not present in the original, but I think it makes the game a little bit better.

Right now, I do not know if you will still be limited to only one beam at a time or if they will combine together like in ZM/SM.

DoctorM64 (the guy behind the redesign) stated that there will be new areas, which only strengthens the AM2R:M2 ; MZM:M1 analogy.

This game is being made on Game Maker, so it is a Windows executable file (sorry for those of you who have Mac). This means you won't be putting it a GBA flash cartridge any time soon (if you have one, which I don't).

Feel free to make comments, express your excitement, or voice any concerns you may have.

P.S. Some dude has managed to put Windows 95 on the Wii, so I'm thinking it would be possible to run AM2R on Wii this way. Lemme know if I'm wrong.