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Matlab load command (nvmnd figured it out)
For a school assignment I am using matlab to plot a graph of temperature anomalies from the 1850's through the present. January is to be on the x axis and February is to be on the y axis. I have a table with all the values on I need, but setting a variable to all those 150ish values is cumbersome, error prone and time consuming because I have to edit the table manually in notepad. enter the load command. the load command is supposed to load the data for the table into a variable, but so far I have not been able to get the command to work, and I am not sure how to parse it and set it up.

%Nathaniel Wright
%excercise 2

january = load('tempAnomalies.dat(:,2)');
february = load('temp anomalies.dat(:,3)');
plot(january, february);
title('Temp comparisons');

here is the code.  I have consulted the online documentation and the help function inside matlab itself and I couldn't figure it out. Hoping you guys will be able to shed some light on it. If not, thanks for the time anyway.

edit: Figured it out. I needed to load the data, then set a variable to the column that i needed.
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