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Its.. uh.. green...
Meh.. I'll probably never work at these again... I dont know what else to add..

Slightly different angle and zoom factor.


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I like those both. :yes:
The only thing I don't like too much in it are those lens flares.

Lots of art... that's good.;)


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looking very nice, great background :)
but shouldn't the second frying pan glow as much as the first one ( red parts I mean ) ?


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great render, bad choice in ships (:p)
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those green stars in the back looks like plasma torpedeos.  Add some phaser fire to it!
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the ship at the back is at the perfect firing arc to shoot the leading ship... remember in SW where the at-st commanded by chewy fired at that other at-st? same idea... the only difference is size... maybe the beast infected the first ship or something.
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ph34r the sovereigns , mwahahahaha!!!!! :nod:

Overglowed are the sovereign nacelles. Otherwise good it is.
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