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Anyone heard of this game?

I got it off a steam sale and I'm pleasantly surprised.
Unlike most other RTS's, this one is modeled very realisticly.

The infantry is your main offensive unit - everything else serves as a support role. Where in other RTS's infantry was nothing but cannon fodder and you'd mass produce tanks.

Every unit has exactly the weapons it has in real life. Each weapon has it's own range and ammo counter.
A squad of marines have 5.56mm assault rifles, a heavy machinegun, mortar, RPG and so on... And they are smart enough to seek cover in various way (or just hit the dirt). You can even order a unit in ambush mode where thy will use terrain and their own cammo for maxiumum effect - they will move slowly and wait for the enemy to come closer before pouncing on it.

The story is predicatable "US comes to save the day" :P

Anywoo, check it out:
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that's a pretty low age rating for a game about modern warfare.

it's not a very catchy name either. it's hard to find on google.
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