Author Topic: It's Time – An Open Letter to the Hard Light Productions Community  (Read 10964 times)

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Re: It's Time – An Open Letter to the Hard Light Productions Community
i bet just about everyone has their own personal version of canon they subscribe to.  even if you don't realize it.  there's some V inconsistencies or odd bits you discount as just an error in the game, and some assumptions you make that are never confirmed, or maybe not even discussed at all.  i bet most of you replaced Silent Threat with ST:R.  i know i did.  you're always free to amend your own personal canon.  like command and conquer 4.  it never happened.  the series ended with the scrin preparing a full invasion force cliffhanger.  or the matrix.  it's a great series.  of one movie.

and no one is going to crucify you for daring to release a post-capella mod that disagrees with V canon.  this happened to FS1 campaigns with the release of FS2, and they didn't suddenly become bad.  look at Destiny of Peace.  it started a new war with the vasudans, and is still considered in the top tier of campaigns.  i'm sure there are others like that, but that's the only one i've played.

i guess my point is saying "they shouldn't make it even if they do get the chance, because i might not like it" seems a bit, well, selfish almost.  it only impacts what we have already if we choose for it to. and if that happens, it will probably be because it's so great and we want to move over to it, not just the simple fact it exists.