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So wana see where i've been spending all of my time the last 3 months?

this is the 'finished' product of my game design class. Everyone should go there and let me know your thoughts. It would help me out a lot with getting things wraped up this semester.


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The timer format is weird, because the seconds are displayed in a single digit when it's a number smaller than 10. So for example, a minute and 9 seconds in it will say 1:9 when it should really say 1:09. I disliked the slow death sequences, the "bullet time" that happens when you die is just annoying. There's a good reason why most games of this type have ultra quick death sequences - it's the kind of game where you die you just immediately restart. Nobody wants to wait for it, it's a quick splash and dash experience. Overall it's a good effort. Graphics wise, needless to say it could use a lot of bling, but I'm assuming that wasn't really the point, but rather making something that works.
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