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Lets play ... Battle For Wesnoth
Due to practically everyone round here doing there own I decided to do one of the turn based strategy Battle for wesnoth

Current army stands at

Konrad = Fighter
Delfador = Elder Mage
Goober5000 = Elvish Fighter
Sandwich = Elvish Fighter
Black Wolf = Elvish Archer
Zacam = Elvish Archer
The_E = Elvish Shaman

Lets get started with the First mission

Objective is to get Konrad To the top left corner in 16 turn I fail if I lose either Konrad Or Delfador

First turn is spent recruiting as so

Konrad Advances across the bridge and up the path with Delfador close behind.

Next turn

Sandwich and Black Wolf move into the woods in the north while Goober and Zacam move west and Konrad an delfador move north-west with The_E trailing behind.

Turn 3

Konrad, Delfador and The_E continue north-west while Sandwich and Black Wolf move towards the enemy in the north-east and Goober and Zacam move to our allies position in the west.

Turn 4

Battle is Joined! Black wolf launches a flurry of arrows at an Orcish Slayer none of which connect and he takes two poisoned throwing knives in return

The others continue in their respective directions.

Turn 5

Fearing for his life Black wolf retreats towards a village while Sandwich attempts revenge on the enemy taking a few wounds but dealing more while Konrad and his group engage orcs that stand in their way. The others report no contact.

Turn 6

During the enemy turn Black wolf is killed by a wolf rider and Sandwich is poisoned and criticality wounded he retreats to a village, Konrad's group successfully kill a wolf rider & troll and the others proceed south-east

Turn 7

Sandwich is killed by an orcish assassin during their turn Konrad's group continues towards the signpost unhindered and Goober and Zacam proceed to another battle fought in the south.

Turn 8

Zacam is poisoned nothing else to report

Turn 9

Zacam dies to orcish assassin, I get the feeling that I'm going to hate them by the end of this Let's play. Konrad nears the signpost as Delfador an The_E split of to attack an orcish leader.

Turn 10

Victory! Konrad reaches the signpost. Next stop Blackwater port.

I am now taking requests for characters please state requested name and unit type from here

so at the end we stand with

Konrad = Fighter
Delfador = Elder Mage
Goober5000 = Elvish Fighter
The_E = Elvish Shaman

If you have any recommendations please post them.
More Soon!

Edit: oh and link to their site
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