Author Topic: PCS2 Subobject Radius Issue?  (Read 964 times)

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PCS2 Subobject Radius Issue?
I've noticed that with the new versions of PCS2, I've been occasionally getting POFs in which subobjects have a teensy tiny radius compared to what they're supposed to. Particularily in the Blender -> DAE -> POF route (the Max -> DAE -> POF route so far appears to be error-free).

This results in slightly funny behavior including MADLY SPINNING debris bits (rather hilarious, actually) and weird subsystem damage/turret behavior.

It can easily be fixed by hitting "reset" on the radius tab but having to check *every* POF that came from Blender is a bit off.

At least, I suspect its a problem with the blender route since AndrewofDoom uses it, and Aesaar as well, models converted by both have been observed to display symptoms of the error. I don't think I've seen the same issue with my own.

I don't know if this is a bug report, more of a heads up to double check your models. Can anyone confirm?

This is probably because we can manually edit radii now instead of PCS2 automatically recalculating it, but I do think it should at least auto-calculate on import from DAE!


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Re: PCS2 Subobject Radius Issue?
Yeah, the issue appeared when the radius override was added, and I'm not aware of it having been fixed yet (my build isn't very recent anymore). I did notify Spicious of it though, so hopefully it'll get fixed sometime soon.