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Black screen in Wings of Dawn
First, I should thank the people of HLP for the many countless hours of enjoyment I have had because of your work.

Onto the bug, there seems to be an issue from 'M-24 Stage 1' on wards where my screen will turn black except for the HUD (the shield allocation icons that flank the radar are overlapping and located in the default HUD element position, top left). Also, although sound effects from firing weapons, afterburners and switching targets still plays, distance and velocities of target are displayed as 0. This bug will usually come up around 2 minutes into the missions post 'M-24 Stage 1'.

Because this error did not show up prior to this mission yet show up in all missions following, I found it quite likely it was somehow related to the new missile introduced, 'dragonslave'. Therefore I proceeded to remove this missile from both my own and my wingmates' loadouts and, sure enough, the black screen did not occur and I could play out stage 1. However, in 'M-25 Stage 2', the allied hard light squadron carries these missiles and therefore the error seems to occur in the presence of any 'dragonslave' missile, not just player mounted. Furthermore copying over table data of the 'dragonslave' to replace a commonplace missile such as the 'dart' leads to the black screen appearing in all missions with the missile in play. Conversely, overwriting the table data of the 'dragonslave' with another missile seems to remove this bug.

Upon searching the forums, there seems to be a similar, recent issue in Dimensional Eclipse (first post)
where it was said to likely be caused by a divide by zero.

I hope this information helps in solving a potential bug. ^^ 


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Re: Black screen in Wings of Dawn
I have heard of errors like this before, they usually involve the hyperspace feature, but WoD does not use this feature.

Try running the mission in debug mode and post any errors you get, as well as the fs2_open log


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Re: Black screen in Wings of Dawn
Like damar said, debug log please.
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Re: Black screen in Wings of Dawn
The log is attached. I also should mention that this seems to not occur on 3.6.14 RC6 however does occur on the latest 3.16.3 build taken off the svn repository (I believe the executable I am currently using is from revision 9004). Apologies in advance if this happens to be a wild goose chase TT

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Re: Black screen in Wings of Dawn
One point to make is that the nightly as development builds always carry the potential to be unstable, while an RC is the coders attempt to build a stable version.  The fact that the RC build is fine leans more towards a code issue in the nightly build.
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Re: Black screen in Wings of Dawn
Heya and welcome, good to hear you are enjoying yourself with the fine works found here on hlp :)

I can confirm this happening on the latest build from the svn.
The log shows an Int3() error, which as Karajorma described it recently: "An Int3() is meant to be a "You should never reach this part of the code" error. "
Somewhere someone made some kind of change or error in the code itself that causes this crash. Its not something I can fix, this is material for the SCP to solve.

Anyway, Headdie makes a good point and since WoD was originally designed to run on .12 there should be no problems running it on a .14 RC build


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