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Re: OUYA, might be awesome
The only problem I'm seeing with this is that it runs on... Android.

Wtf why not just go with a non-mobile phone linux distro?

Yes, great idea, roll your own distro that can run on ARM-based SoCs, has its own infrastructure.....

Better to stick with a proven, fit-for-purpose OS that you can tweak to your desires than to try and create your own mess.
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Re: OUYA, might be awesome
the only real requirement is to be able to unload resource hogging features of the os to be able to maximize performance on the game thats running. things like multitasking would need to be reduced or disabled. though being a quad core cpu thats not really an issue. apis need to be really close to the hardware with as few layers of bull**** as possible (windows is horrible in this regard).
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Re: OUYA, might be awesome
They are looking for additional/external investors, according to: