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Osmium bullets with a tungsten carbide penetrating core rod

Edit : We are at space so no need to use APBC here :P

Osmium filled graphene : Graphene lattice holds individual osmium atoms that gives density to the otherwise too light graphene structure.

How they build this ? Well they are pretty advanced in nanotechnology, you know.

Molybdenium hulls doesnt makes sense, you can have molybdenium alloys with steel, but pure molybdenium is not usefull

Well, the game says collapsed molybdenium wich can mean a kind of neutron star-like material.

Now we are talking business.

You can have collapsed molybdenium bullets too, this is like shooting neutron stars around, messy thing...

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why did you necro a 4 year old thread in a dead, archived forum


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Indeed. It warns on the page that you shouldn't post to threads that are more than 30 days old without good reason.

This wasn't a good reason.
Karajorma's Freespace FAQ. It's almost like asking me yourself.

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