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Multiplayer Local Connection
Hey everyone, recently i've been playing FS2 Open once again and encountered this issue. Me and my friend were trying to connect to the FS2Net server but only one of us could get in, if I connect, he cannot. If he can, I cannot. On the server list, one of us connects and the other gets this error saying "You have been rejected because there is an identical player already in the game". Does Freespace 2 Open reject players with the same IP address?


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Re: Multiplayer Local Connection
Yeah, it does. But you can use the Force Port option in the launcher to make FS2NetD treat the two PCs as separate entities IIRC.
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Re: Multiplayer Local Connection
ok i've set different ports but it still says the same thing, still rejects one of the players. what do i do? =O


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Re: Multiplayer Local Connection
I've also not managed to get mutliple IP connections working in FS2NET. Instead of connection through FS2NET, you can set up your own local server and play there. Ofcourse you can't join internet servers that way and no-one outside your local network can join, but at least you and your friends can play simultaneously within your network.

You'll have to change a few settings to play on LAN.

Go into your /freespace/data/multi.cfg file and remove everything (back up the old file somewhere). Then add the following line:
Code: [Select]
Now save the file. In the FS2 Launcher, set the multiplayer connection to LAN and leave the Force IP and Force Port fields blank. You can enable "Allow in-game joining" in the Features/Experimental tab. Run Freespace 2.

In Freespace 2, create a multiplayer pilot. Then go into Options - Multi. Enable TCP, and /Multidata. Disable PXO. Do not set any IPs. Apply and commit the changes. Go back to lobby and click on Create Game and set up a new server. If you've allowed connection through your Firewall, you friend should be able to see your LAN server.

More info here:


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Re: Multiplayer Local Connection
Wasn't the way around this to create a normal multi-player server for the Internet players, and then have the players on your local LAN use the local IP of the server?


local IP of server -- > local router, -- > modem -- > internets and internet IP that is managed automatically that internet players connect to through FS2Net

local players (connected via wires or wireless to local router's LAN side ports) connect to

Perhaps I'm confusing FS2 with another game like Tremulous, though, I forget really, I just remember this being discussed before.