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RELEASE - My contribution
Hello all, just thought I'd show my appreciation of the game by making a mission for it.   :pimp:
It's mostly a recon mission, but you can also beat it by killing all the baddies.

Edit: Newest is v5, use either link
FSmods =
DFH      =
-----Festivefire pointed out that you need to uncheck the checkbox for using DFH's download manager or their link will grab that software instead-----
It now uses a mod.ini file, so the Diaspora launcher will see it as a legit mod.
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It is generally ill-advised to put releases on attachments. They are subjects to be deleted at any moments. Better use one of the many free file hosting services or, if you really want it to stay,
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Also, you don't need to distribute the .bak file. The .bak is the backup of the previous time you saved the mission, just in case you screw something up badly and need to revert. :)
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Oh, OK.  I've dropped the *.bak from the archive and uploaded it to FileDropper.
Let me know if you guys have thoughts on how I can polish up the mission!


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Had a run of this just now.  Good mission for the most part.  Some stuff that I was thinking throughout:

1. No skybox and using the default stars doesn't look as nice as using the gorgeous skyboxes provided.
2. Hottdang that sun is huge and bright.  Not a problem in itself just an observation more than anything.
3. I found it hard to find the ships  I was meant to scan to begin with.  Perhaps adding a skybox to give a bit more contrast (more stars) would help that, not sure.  Adding them to the Escort list would be very helpful, too as I could target them more easily.
4. Something I noticed is that you can only scan the parts of the Colonial Mover BETWEEN the containers.  Not an issue with your mission but worth noting that the containers themselves are separate from the ship and can't be scanned.
5. The directive for scanning for survivors didn't show up until AFTER I had found the survivors on the Archimedes.  There's a section in the Troubleshooting part of the FRED Documentation which deals with this.  You need to use the optional third argument of "True" (I believe) so that the event it's chained only affects when it succeeds/fails, and not when it appears.

Overall though it has a good feel to it and I like the recon/scanning part as it's different to most missions you find in combat flight sim games.


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I've gotta admit.. a very cool mission. The only problem for me is that there are just too many enemy raiders. In essence its not the raiders that are troubling me, but all the missles they are carrying, after some time all CM's are spend.

Also, my wingmates tend to die from the Sobek's flak field or die early in the mission due to the explosions of non-salvagable ships.


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Those of you who have opened the Diaspora missions may have noticed that we totally nerfed the Cylons when it came to missiles to avoid that exact problem.
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Thanks for the feedback!  New revision is up:  Added some skyboxes and a couple tweaks to the background.  Removed missiles entirely from normal raiders.  Some tweaks in the events editor.  Added an escort list similar to what the Shattered Armistice campaign offered.  A few more waves of Vipers.

I managed to fry my mainboard over the week, so my laptop is my only way to play-test for the time being.  As a result, the background probably needs some more work, but it's difficult to get a good feel of exactly how without that experience.


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Great, I'll give it a go. 


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one of the harder missions i have yet to beat. its pretty good although there is no incentive to scan the ships except to trigger the scouts to jump in


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I like the premise of this mission as it seems more of a Search and Rescue than pure combat, but I think perhaps the Cylon forces are bit too strong, and once things get loud it just becomes another combat mission.  Perhaps only one basestar?  Or give the Sobek some backup as it got pummeled in my playthrough just now.

The tweaked Raiders are much better, means I can save my CMs for basestar or Heavy Raider missiles which are much fewer which means survivability is higher.

A few suggestions/observations:

1. As above, maybe less Basestars or more Colonial forces to even the fight.  If we are to extract survivors then we need to be able to survive ourselves! :)  Also it might just be me but it seems that the Cylons show up really early on in the mission.  Not sure exactly what the trigger for them is but it seems I can't even get all of the wrecks and ships scanned before I'm dodging Raider bullets, and from what I can gather from the premise of the mission, my job as a Raptor pilot in that location is to get survivors out of the wreckage, not engage in dogfights with superior fighter craft.

2. The background is better but it's still not using a Skybox.  The different background BMPs being used definitely help with breaking up the purely black background, but using the default stars doesn't look nearly as nice as using a fully fleshed out Skybox.  Especially as the default stars are just little white dots and don't look especially great.

3. Good to see the Directives and Escort lists being used.  I think however they need to be used a bit differently.
    Directives: The 'Scan/Destroy' directive needs to show up from the very start of the mission.  I noticed it didn't show up until I'd already scanned a few ships.  Also, I think perhaps some things could be left off the Directives and just used as Objectives for the mission (like Kill the Basestars, maybe even Kill the Scouts.  If the Raptors' primary mission is to scan for survivors and then escort them to safety, those are the Directives they need to be given.  Killing the enemy is something the Viper pilots should really be concentrating on, thus the player of the mission as a Raptor pilot doesn't really need that Directive.  I'd definitely make it  an objective though.
    Escort List: Would be really handy if the ships we need to scan are in the Escort list at the start of the mission so they're easier to find.  On the last playthrough, I didn't find about half the ships until after the two Basestars showed up, which made things quite difficult.

As I said, I really like the idea of a Raptor mission concentrating on rescuing survivors and obviously there's gotta be some kind of combat in there and whatnot, I just think at the moment the balance of the mission is geared more towards the action and less towards the recovery mission.  The fighting should be part of the scenario but should be mostly constrained to being between the Vipers and Raiders and capital ships of both sides.  Obviously some bleed through is inevitable, especially as you need to dock on the Battlestar.

Well, it took a while but I now have my very own skybox!  That thing was such a pain though, I was very close to giving up on it.  (Hint: use the Oblivion mod tool "DDS converter" for your SpaceScape images, and just rename the files in the *.pof of Herra Tohorti's seamless skybox by opening it in PCS2 - so it grabs your *.DDS files instead.)  It doesn't really look like it did in the *.png's though, so you probably won't notice 90% of the stars.
Lots of other little changes; you now have a better chance of intercepting the scouts before they jump out (which helps delay both basestars if you do - I'm not sure if I was conveying that in the mission), cleaned up the directives and escort list a bit, addressed some ways you could prevent the mission from finishing, the second battlestar jumps in farther away and further from when the first jumps in, cleaned up the execution of some events.  You will notice that you need to be closer to each object in order to detect it, but it will pop up in the directives now; so it will be easier to find them.  The directives have a hierarchy too, so as you scan things they will be sorted by importance, and alphabetically if they are equally important.  Decreased the average spawn time of vipers, and doubled the waves of gold squad.  Cut the waves of the first basestar by 25% and gave it some system damage, so now it should be much easier if you want to try and take out both basestars.  Sobek will start the jump sequence once all of the rescue/reclamation events have become completed/impossible; so now it won't just hang around waiting for the basestars to beat it down to 35% anymore.
Good hunting!


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Sweet, downloading now :)

EDIT: Played all the way through, scanned everything, got the bonus objective, jumped out when the Sobek did.  Overall a good flight.  Didn't manage to get that one ship to dock with the Sobek though, she was blown up pretty quickly.  I wonder if it's because I just kept flying around scanning things even after the Cylons showed up.  Might try it again later and be more active in the fight and see if that helps.

The latest version of the mission is really nice.  I can't really pick out anything that I thought needed work.  At first I thought you'd made it too hard to find the ships in the debris field, but then they started popping up into the Escort List which I thought was really nicely done.

Nice work on your skybox.  Was there a reason you created one from scratch instead of using one of the ones provided with the game?  Not a criticism just curiosity.

I think some voice acting would really help get the many messages through.  One thing I've really noticed in this game is that messages at the top of your screen hardly get noticed with everything else going on, so a good set of voice acted messages would go a long way to help keep the pilot appraised of the situation without having to take their eyes off the action.  Obviously they are a lot of work to get done, it's just something I thought of during the mission.

Also, holy crap do those capital ships get close!  Real nose-to-nose fighting in there.  Glad I'm not on either of those ships during that fight :D
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Balancing the Archimedes event has been interesting: sometimes it took way too long to reach the battlestar, other times the raiders swamp it, and even others it happens without me realizing it.  I've been playing with different ways to make it more or less difficult, but it really depends on when you trigger the event relative to the "main sequence" (battlestar jumps in, then scouts, each basestar and their raiders).

For the skybox, I did originally want to take the easy way and swipe someone else's, but my searches didn't seem to tell me what I wanted, and using "Starfield.pof" didn't really work for me.  Around that point I decided that it would be a shame to have put so much effort into designing a mission from scratch and then reuse a background, and StarScape was easy enough to work with so I just ran with it.  (Then I spent 2 days cleaning it up and trying to figure out how to bring that into FRED, but that's probably mostly due to my inexperience with textures than anything else.)

Voiced dialogue is something I'd love to implement but I'll probably need some voice actors, as I could maybe do two or three voices myself with sufficient editing in Audacity.  I plan on giving the battlestar a real name before that, since the only reason I went with "Sobek" was that was what is on its texture (i.e. I was too lazy do go through the Nameplate Handbook).  Probably something from Norse or Greek mythology...

I noticed that about the capital ships too: I originally had the basestars back off, but the way I structured it was before I put in the part where the battlestar gets mad.  When I saw how close they got it seemed to really get that point across, so I left it like that for a bit.


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I'm happy to provide some voice samples if you like.  I have Audacity and my Cylon Raid mission is all voice acted by me with effects added to it to try and sound like the other Diaspora dialogue.  I think I got it close enough to be passable :P

I haven't done nameplate stuff with the Battlestars in my missions.  I had a look at the handbook and just went "nup, way too much work for me" :P

The cap ships being so close is actually pretty cool.  A lot of missions has them hold back and sit just inside range, but getting right up in the grill like that (especially after it gets mad) is kinda like a giant "frak you" to the Basestar.

Great mission.  :yes:

I only played through with the Raptor which made dogfighting a great change of pace from flying a Viper.

The battlestar charging right down on the Basestar was a great sequence, almost as beautiful as when the Basestar jumped in and I turned up and it was blocking out the sun.

As for the lack of voice overs, I've always thought a simple beep or some sort of audio cue is a good stand in, at least lets the player know to look up for a message. There's a radio static click in the diaspora files called Comm_Voice_Start.ogg.

Thanks, Suongadon!  :)  That's a good tip, and I'll probably use it.

I'm happy to provide some voice samples if you like. :P
I'll probably take you up on that offer when I get to that point!  I've yet to give your mission a decent run, but I shall! (My laptop does not have a spectacular processor)  I want to get a better handle of the dialogue before I commit to adding the voices.  I definitely appreciate the offer, as I doubt that I could make my own voice sound different enough to represent Red1 and the battlestar without making either too silly.

As for updates...
I've gotten into Borderlands 2, so you can blame my lack of recent progress on that.  I managed to get make a successful nameplate for battlestar (wait for it) Verdandi! (from Old Norse, one of the weavers of destiny)  Several actually, since I found no mention that you need to enter each replacement individually (i.e. click the button, select the first texture, type the file name for the replacement, hit "OK", repeat).  The set you're looking to override is "col_bs_sobek5" and FRED doesn't load the new textures until you save the mission.  The handbook was difficult for me to follow, since I'm still a novice at GIMP and assumed that's why my first textures didn't work at first (turns out they were OK) some issues with Freespace though, so I'll look into this further but it's within reach!  I also plan on redoing the background, since the stars just cannot be seen very well.
Once more into the fray!


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As for updates...
I've gotten into Borderlands 2, so you can blame my lack of recent progress on that
Haha me too!

New revision is up!
The battlestar nameplate will probably be the most noticeable change.  Changed the sun, and fixed a lot of things that would cause the capital ships to dance around.  Some of those are still happening, but I can't seem to figure out what's causing those just yet.  You can now land on the battlestar, and the jump countdown is displayed.  I'll need to play with it more before I can figure out why changing to the Viper on the loadout screen seems to crash upon mission start, but you can totally finish the mission in a viper now! (Something I've wanted to include since day 1, but you have to make that change in FRED)  And as was mentioned before, I'm planning on doing voice acting for this; so if you enjoyed the mission maybe you'd like to volunteer???  ;7  The dialogue is pretty much where I like it to be, but that's not set in stone (PM me if you'd like a *.txt of the dialogue instead of just digging through the mission in FRED).  I've made a few attempts on my own, but I can't seem to hold a consistent accent to save my life.  :rolleyes:

fixed a lot of things that would cause the capital ships to dance around.  Some of those are still happening, but I can't seem to figure out what's causing those just yet. 

I noticed that the raptors were still docked to the frigate and it's very special dance started after I gave all the wings an attack order.