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I'm trying to do a mission whereby a Raptor pilot does a mid-mission FTL jump and I don't want it to end the mission.  I extracted out Mission 3 as it has the mid-mission jump and checked out the various Events in there, and I've replicated them in my mission, replacing the appropriate ship names and what have you where appropriate.  I disabled the sub-space drive on the Raptor the player flies so it doesn't do that as well.

Now, I'm having some trouble getting it working.  It prompts to press Alt-J to jump, and when I do it fires off the event to display "FTL Engaged" for 5 seconds, and I can see the FOV switch very slightly (like, maybe by 1? point) but nothing else triggers.  I figure it's because the events are looking for the FOV=100 bit, and the FOV isn't being changed enough in the first place, but I can't figure out why it's not doing that.  As I said, I've replicated the FTL events from M3 as spot on as I can tell, but it's not triggering the FOV change properly and thus the rest of the events to mock the FTL jump (at least, I assume that's the reason).

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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It would help if you could post the event in question. Just open the events editor, take a screenshot with the FTL event open, and post that here.
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Yeah good point.  The ones I think are the issue are the two below.


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I'd like to use the FTL command to give the option of jumping away to end a mission, so they player still decides when they're done on a map I'm working on, yet it isn't without an "ending"


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Check your repeat/trigger counts for the events against those in Mission 3. My bet is that's your culprit.
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Check your repeat/trigger counts for the events against those in Mission 3. My bet is that's your culprit.
Cool, thanks.  I didn't even think of that.  I'll check it out tomorrow :)


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Yep that was the trick.  Got it all working fine now :)