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custom mission: saving civy ship
I just completed my first real mission.

plot: You are pilot on board of the battlestar asheron.
The colonies are attacked by the cylons, but they simply missed the asheron.. lucky stuff!

a freighter is under attack and it's FTL is disabled. You need to escort a shuttle to the freighter which will repair the FTL.
When the ships jump away, you need to jump as well (with alt-j).

changes in V.II:
- shuttle doesn't longer dock on a container (that could make it dock in empty space if the container were destroyed) Instead it docks between the engines.
- cylons don't carry torpedo's the size of their own ship anymore.
- alpha 2 saves himself after the departure of the civy ships.
- changed debriefing a little bit.
- All cylons have a different starting position.

I would like some feedback etc :D

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Re: custom mission: saving civy freighter.


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Re: custom mission: saving civy freighter.
Icons in the briefing overlapped once, I'd prefer if both ships were on the escort list. But this was actually a pretty cool mission. It was simple, it worked. I liked the recommendation at the end when I didn't save my wingmate "listen to your wingmate's screams", made me lol. However, I don't think Vipers have FTL drives, maybe just something along the lines of "This mission isn't just about saving the freighter, you'll be equipped with prototype FTL drives. I've got a bunch of excited engineers taking up space on the flight deck, so bring them back in one piece." would help. Also, my wingman was a bit quiet, especially after he died, maybe a "Always scream on death" flag or scripted message might help. Don't let me choose from Cylon weapons in the loadout screen. I don't think you did the directive quite right, as they start fulfilled. You're meant to give them conditions as to when they'll be fulfilled, eg.
alpha defends freighter
 - when
 - - has departed delay
 - - - Gemenon Freighter
 - training msg
 - - time to go
And put the directive in that, that way the directive will only be fulfilled once the freighter jumps, and will be failed if the freighter's destroyed.
Overall though, good mission. Lots of events, debriefing, good briefing. Felt good.

Re: custom mission: saving civy freighter.
Thank you!
Regular vipers don't have jump drives, but I thought the MKVIIE Strike Viper Was supposed to have FTL drives.
I just checked and you are right.

I made a version III (and uploaded it in the first post)
- all friendly ships on the escort list
- you can't select cylon missles anymore
- the directive defend shuttle is completed when the shuttle docks
- changed briefing icon positions
- wingman now always screams when dieing
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