Author Topic: RELEASE: Rhea [MODEL]  (Read 2951 times)

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You guys *****ed about it being too dark
Well this is what happens when I crank up the brightness the tinyest bit >.>

I'm going blind, dammit. Too bright!

Been playing around with it and it's looking to be working well enough... (more like I actually forgot to upload this too when I uploaded the Tethys, oops)
Same deal as the Tethys models:
  • This release is intended for mod developers interested in using this model. A patch to replace the old model in Dimensional Eclipse is in the works which will also have a bunch of other changes so it will take a while to finalize and test. I'm in no rush to release this patch - I might as well wait until I have a nightly build I can point to.
  • This release is not a drop-in-replacement. Dropping the model and textures into the DE folder will not do anything, so it's fairly foolproof in that regard unless you try to get smart and edit the tbls.
  • Table files are not included. The existing tables will not be bug-free without some editing. This is for the reason above, so I don't get any 'mission X is broken' reports. I'm going to assume that anyone interested in using this will be able to produce their own tables.

  • Models: Droid803, referenced off models by Steve-O and StratComm
    • Turrets: Droid803, referenced off models Steve-O and Esarai
  • Textures: AndrewofDoom

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. (CC-BY-NC)
You are free to use this for other mods and games, as long as attribution is given and you're not trying to sell it.

Download (2.41MB):