Author Topic: War Thunder: new F2P multiplayer Il-2  (Read 788 times)

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War Thunder: new F2P multiplayer Il-2

It's pretty nice, recently entered open beta, so you can just sign up, download client, and then the game, it's very pretty, the beta already has a pretty good selection of planes, and the game supports sticks, trackIR, etc. nicely, as well as having a casual mouse mode that is very easy to use.

The initial grind is a bit tough, and the tier system isn't being used yet because there aren't many players but the starter planes can out-turn anything, so with some skill they can be successful.  there's also mission editor, sandbox mode, and the other Il-2 goodies, and I believe one can redeem a cliffs of dover or maybe wings of prey key and gain some cash to spend converting XP to the national tree you like or towards a premium plane, which tend to be lend-leases, captured, or offshoot prototypes.

I've been enjoying it a lot as of late, just wish it'd have more players, especially ones that prefer historical battles over arcade mode, as it tends to lose population at this hour (midnight GMT-ish)


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Re: War Thunder: new F2P multiplayer Il-2
Yep! Looks pretty good, nice graphics.

Downloading now. I hope it's not a snorefest.