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EMP screwing with messages, while adding a bit to immersion, makes it pretty much unusable by non-voiced campaigns because of the risk of missing mission-critical dialogue.  I get that anything modifying retail behavior should be off by default, so would it be possible to make a mission flag that would prevent EMP from affecting messages?


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EMP interferes with voices too, unless I'm imagining it, I'm sure the voices cut in and out when under EMP.

Or am I just thinking of scripted EMP in the original campaign?

I suppose it doesn't really matter either way since you just want that effect done away with.


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Mission or mod.tbl flag would be fantastic and enable a lot of stuff.


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The solution to this problem depends on whether or not the messages are still scrambled when you check the message log under the F4 menu.
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how would a message priority setting in the FRED message sexp stack from a coding point of view?
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The messages are still scrambled in the log yes.