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My Act 3 Review(SPOILERS)
Well i have just finished my second playthrough of Act 3 or Wih part 2, and on the second playthrough i picked up stuff i missed on the first time.

OK so here we go, When i booted this up and saw the intro sequence for act 3 i nearly wept! like part 1 of WIH the intro for act 3 is beautifully done. The camera movements are nice and smooth, and there are some really nice and amazing shots in there. The direction of the shots is brilliant. WIH has some of the best in game cutscenes i have ever scene.

The Story is very well paced, superbly written and keeps you gripped and wanting more. Its one of the few games where i have actually paused and had a deep think about the story and ethics, For example having to shoot down federation pilots, kill or spare the Gef pilots. I actually paused the game at these points and had to think hard about what to do. I have never done that with a full funded game, and this is a mod!. The attention to detail you guys go for is simply outstanding, it really puts some of those AAA games to shame.

Which brings me on to the levels themselves. WOW they are some of the hardest levels i have played in a game and i like it. A lot of games these days the levels are pretty easy to do, as developers seem to scared to making them challenging and hard. So i take my hat off and give you guys a bow of respect. The assassination mission took me 4 attempts to complete. The level designs themselves, again some of the most original i have seen for freespace 2, placing the tanks and taking control of the Custos-X. Now the first time i did that i did struggle to control it, as i had customized my keyboard layout, so it took me a while to adjust, but once i did boy did i enjoy flying the Custos-X. I hope we see more of it in the future!

The last mission was just a mind scrambler, in a good way. It made me unsettled and actually i jumped when that back thing with tentacles jumped in behind you! Will we find out what that is? Also the backstory for the Shivans and what happend to Bosch, very interesting!

So overall Blueplanet War in Heaven act 3 is another amazing addition to the Blue Planet series. I have really enjoyed it and i am left wanting more. The level design, attention to detail in story, game play is way better than a lot of fully priced AAA games we get today. I mean you guys should get this mod sent to magazines to let the rest of the world know of it! It is that good!!!!

Like all games there are a few problems that i encountered, just minor ones.
I did encounter a number of graphical glitches, ie double HUD which i managed to sort by changing the resolution. I would sometimes get a yellow box appear around the sun, but would go away if i restarted the game. The biggest problem i had was on the Carthage mission, once i the action started my FPS drop from a 120 to 10 so that caused a number of problems, Also i on the both times i have played it the Carthage never attempts to surrender for me. I was hoping to see a bit more combat action with the Gef, as they pretty much have a full fleet. Also for some reason part of me was hoping for the Sanctuary Orion to make appearance.

Overall i give this mod 10000000000 out of 10. Best Mod i have ever played and it has left me wanting more!

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