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Greetings all,

I'm a newcomer to these forums so excuse me if this isn't in the right place. I loved this game as a kid, and recently came back to it. I was one of many who jumped on board the Star Citizen bandwagon, and it seemed that with 2 years to wait, we needed something to play. Thankfully, you all kept on maintaining one of my favorites, so I put up a public call for weekly game nights.

Now every Thursday for the last 6 weeks or so we've been playing FSO. It started as something for the SC community, but I figure it would be nice to have a few more vets join us, to exchange flying tips as well as ordinance. If any of you all are interested, games typically start between 6 and 7 P.M. UTC-5 (U.S. EST). We use Mumble for our voice comms, and maintain a steam group to get in pick up games and the like on weekends.

Full details on how to join up with us are available here

Hopefully I'll see a few of you out in the black sometime soon. 07
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I assume this would be the link:
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Thanks! I updated my links appropriately. Like I said, I'm new here. =P