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Re: SC II: Heart of the Swarm
I actually had fun playing this game, but I really feel bad for the people who care about the story.

I found the whole primal zerg arc pretty distasteful. This 'Ancient One' randomly inserted character talks about the true origins of the zerg, so Kerrigan sit in a pool for 30 minutes and become super powerful, it is the way of the Zerg. It felt like a warcraft story. It was an embarrassing story. Just listening to that over-sized bullfrog talk left me with a yucky taste in my mouth. At least it ends up turning on us so we get to fight it. (Bossfight woo!)

So from that point on I didn't really take the story seriously at all. Oh we're fighting Mira Han now? Cool! I get to use the Hyperion!

It was also cool to see Stukov as part of your team. I mean they ripped him out of nowhere and changed the character but hey. 

Alexi Stukov: "I give a whole new meaning to zerg rushin"

It's a fun game and I pretty much got what I expected so i'm cool with it. The fun of the game comes from the varying objectives/stages, the army customization, and challenges.  Kerrigan had some pretty cool abilities too, and there were even boss fights. Who doesn't like a good boss fight? All this on top of the fact that starcraft has always been a fun gameplay formula for me, ever since the first game.

It seems like there is new life is in the multiplayer scene as well, kicking off the release with that MLG tournament showcasing the new units/gameplay and how the pro players are adapting. (Those pro korean players are freakishly good!)

So again, if you got it for the story, I feel sorry for you, but at least the story is there for the game and not the other way around. I think it was just an excuse to get you to your next set of objectives.

I will say however, it still kinda bugs me that the voice actor for Kerrigan in brood war didn't get re-hired. I thought she was pretty good. Anyone know why they didn't?
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Re: SC II: Heart of the Swarm
She sounded Jennifer Hale'ey in that YouTube vid, but I hear her EVERYWHERE.

Re: SC II: Heart of the Swarm
Why hire some little-known woman who previously did an excellent job as Queen ***** of the Universe when you can get Tricia Helfer, android seductress? :p
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Re: SC II: Heart of the Swarm
Starcraft drinking game
Take a shot whenever someone says one of the following words: Power, Essence, Bio-mass

You'll be piss drunk a couple of missions in and in a complete coma near the end. The fact that you can actually reach the end while being piss drunk isnt that big of an accomplishment considering how stupid easy the campaign is.

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