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A Burst of Inspiration. (FSMMO)
For a Freespace MMO.

 Do not expect something to come out of this. It's just for fun. For now, at least.


How would it work?

 There would be two factions: The Galactic Terran Alliance and the Vasudan Imperium.

 The players pick a side, then battle with fleets and encounters that determine the faction's success on a star system.

 The goal of the game is to weaken the opposite faction until an attack on the home system becomes sustainable.
 After this, you would storm the faction headquarters system, their most developed one.

 The game would essentially be a constant battle to capture predeveloped infrastructure.
 The more Systems a faction owns translates to: research speed, destroyer shipyards, subspace nodes, etc.

 In short, the game would be a massive capture and hold space sim. (Planetside 2 represents the basic gist of it.)

 After that, things get interesting: The Shivans would be a PvE/PvPvE event.

 Once the war has gone on for long enough, a Lucifer scouting party would be dispatched to the GTA/VI sector.
 Upon arrival they would start culling the most powerful faction, while keeping the weaker one tied down with weaker attacks.

 Stars lost to the Shivans would be invalidated, all infrastructure within them is destroyed upon their fall.

 The goal of the Shivans is to purge both factions.
 They 'win' by destroying both home worlds.

 Once the Shivan event triggers, the GTA and the VI can forge a peace treaty, which would change the victory conditions to destroying the Lucifer.
 If they do not make this treaty, they will be playing against the opposite faction and the Shivans. (Hence PvPvE)
 The goal to destroy the Lucifer is added to both sides, while keeping the original home conquest one.

 The Shivan event would allow for special research opportunities, namely: Shields & Beam Cannons.
 Research materials would be acquired through special 'Shivan raids' to get materials back to your factions.


 A tutorial, to introduce the game mechanics, would be one in which you play as the Ancients, just before the Shivans came for them.
 An internal feud would serve as the pre-Shivan tutorial excuse.

Much WIP-ness in this. Add your own ideas! :nod:
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Re: A Burst of Inspiration. (FSMMO)
Generally it is not desirable for an MMO to have a clear "end" to its setting, which this clearly does. Once the Lucifer goes boom, it's over.
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Re: A Burst of Inspiration. (FSMMO)
And then you score one for your faction! Then a server reset!

Depending on the mod tools provided in Star Citizen, this could become an actual thing in the future.


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Re: A Burst of Inspiration. (FSMMO)
That is certainly the intention.
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Re: A Burst of Inspiration. (FSMMO)
Generally it is not desirable for an MMO to have a clear "end" to its setting, which this clearly does. Once the Lucifer goes boom, it's over.
No, once the Lucifer goes boom, its back to war between T and V, until the next Shivan incursion possibly with more lucys/saths/dantes/gigas/gargants, duh.

I mean yes that leads to continual content creep, but eh, might be preferable to resetting.


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Re: A Burst of Inspiration. (FSMMO)
The game ends when the beams are so big they fill the entire screen with light.


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Re: A Burst of Inspiration. (FSMMO)
No, no! It should keep going until the Head Shivan comes along and says, "You guys should really stop. I mean seriously, you're fighting 897241841441423489 SSJ Gigas at the same time. Don't you think this isn't fun anymore? Also, I'm willing to talk this out over tea."



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Re: A Burst of Inspiration. (FSMMO)
 Shivans would come in three waves: Lucifer -> Sathanas -> SuperShivanJuggerWhatTheFEver.

 Second Wave: Sath fleet comes and starts destroying 'nexus' systems (systems with more than one subspace node.)
 The goal is to contain the fleet in within a system using (researched) Meson bomb ships.

 Third Wave: No Ass pulls, Shivan Super Juggernauts, Final destination. (This is essentially a game over, playable, cutscene.)

 The goal of the game is to make peace after the first Shivan incursion, or to vanquish the opposite faction before the third wave of Shivans is dispatched.

 When the game is 'over' You score a point for your faction, after which it starts over.

Edit: I would not necessarily call this a Freespace 'MMO' in the traditional sense. Perhaps Quasi-MMO fits better.
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Re: A Burst of Inspiration. (FSMMO)
Ah, I would like your third wave to behave like a countdown to the endgame. The SSJs are wiping everyone out left and right, and the one faction that gets destroyed last wins. This will mean lots of desperate last moves in order to take the spot. Could be fun.


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Re: A Burst of Inspiration. (FSMMO)
 That sounds awesome! :nod:


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Re: A Burst of Inspiration. (FSMMO)
So what happens if...

A. One faction wipes out the other before the Shivan event even triggers?

B. The Shivans wipe out the players?

The concept of the PvPvE part makes me think of Xenocracy. 4 factions all fighting each other, Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. And then later on the aliens show up. And the idiots keep fighting each other as well as the aliens...

EDIT: Oh, and you just have to be able to go to Shivan space...
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