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Starlight Inception Teaser
Don't know if anyone remembers this kickstarter, but new space sim game coming out hopefully soonish. Supposed to be going beta in July. For now they just have a teaser, but will have a legit trailer in a week or so from what I understand:

Re: Starlight Inception Teaser
Remember, backed, and actually expecting a t-shirt when they're ready.

Re: Starlight Inception Teaser
I'm optimistic the game might be decent.
To be honest the initial concept art did not impress me, but the stuff they've produced since then looks pretty nice.

The real question of course is, will the gameplay fun? Guess we'll need to wait until the trailer to get a sense of that
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Re: Starlight Inception Teaser
Full Trailer online now:

Looks decent. If nothing else it's a new entry in a genre which is otherwise dead.
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Re: Starlight Inception Teaser
Their planetary stuff is obviously better, but graphically I think FSO has them beat. Their explosions look pretty ordinary, and the models aren't what I would consider particularly pretty

There are a few cool ideas in there, like the projected lines for the fighterbay at the end - maybe we could steal that... simulate it with node-type rendering of a special normally invisible submodel, or just glowpoints.

That said, yeah, it'll be good to see it released. For the right price, I might even buy a copy. More power to them.
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Re: Starlight Inception Teaser
Yeah, well they're a small studio, new so I don't want to be too hard on 'em. Also it's still in development from what I understand so the final product might look a bit better.

Some of the ship designs look pretty cool, the combat looks a bit less exciting than say FS2 but in practice it might be more compelling than it seems.  The ships and stations I find look a bit better than the fighters.

They intended to put it on the PS Vita as well, which might get the genre out to a few more gamers than might otherwise see it.