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Yesterday I had an issue starting the mod which I resolved by reinstalling from the beginning. It turned out my checksums were wrong, as was mentioned to me here. I have played other mods and the vanilla games w/ MediaVPS on the highest settings and I've never witnessed any framerate drops. However, when I fire my weapons in Blue Planet or my teammates/enemies fire theirs, everything slows down considerably.

Is there a setting I should probably change to fix this?


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It's high time you know something about deferred lightning. BP Builds have deferred lightning where 256 lights are rendered instead of 8 lights thus giving you better graphics at the cost of performance of your GPU. Hence, low framerate.

Ah leave this, I just copy-pasted it from somewhere.  :p


Change your spec_point (whatever number) in your command-line to

Code: [Select]
spec_point 0.3
spec_point determines the specular lightning from weapons fire and warp effects. Blue Planet has recommended 0.3 .


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I'm not sure reducing spec point intensity will improve the frame rate.

If you still experience slowdowns, try lowering your lighting settings in the ingame F2 menu.

Otherwise, you can also try the compatibility package in order to run BP with non-defered lighting builds.
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I'll try both these suggestions and tell you what happens.

Thanks guys, both disabling the spec point entirely and changing it to a different value keep the framerate at nearly 60 fps.