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Re: Forum game: RP thread
Inevitably Successful in All Circumstances
2nd United Guilds of Commerce Regulars
Formalhaut System

The UGCR officer strode rapidly down the ships corridor. The rank bars on her shoulders advertised the rank of Captain, while the light blue rock & circle emblem denoted membership of the Combined Financiers Guild based in Lyrae. Coming to a halt in front of the Admirals office, she pressed the chime & said, "Ah Luc, you have something to discuss?".  "Yes Juanita" came the rely, "please come in".  Entering the spartan office she took a seat at the desk & considered the short bald man opposite her.  With a perpetual smile crinkling the corners of his mouth and eyes that sparkled mischievously he looked more like a smiling Buddha than the Rear Admiral in charge of a fleet of warships.  However, having served with him for almost a year she knew that the Admiral was used to being underestimated, something he had used to great effect in negotiations.

"Juanita, I've been examining the intel we have on our new enemies.  Each new race we've encountered here seems to be stronger than the last, with the Zy being equal or better than the best of us. With a further two unknown fleets signatures reported in Kardoen, I am concerned that they may be races vastly superior to us and that humanity is seriously overmatched in this conflict.  Therefore, I want you to devote the majority of our ELINT resources to intercepting & breaking the strategic communications between the Zy, Cordi, Nordera and the newcomers. I want to know what the extent of their co-operation is, what the political structure of this Hierarchy is, who is in charge, and I want to find if there is anything we can exploit to drive a wedge between them."

"I'll see it done.  However, you're painting a pretty grim picture.  Our current projections show that we can handle everything they've thrown at us, and the fleets in Draco & Hydra are pushing back the enemy advance."

"We've handled everything so far, yes.  But lets imagine that both the unknown fleets have advanced technology similar to the Cyrvans. The war with them was won though attrition, I don't believe we'll have that option when facing five races rather than one."

"Fair enough, although with no disrespect intended, I hope you're wrong."

"So do I, Juanita, so do I.  Anyway, to something less grim, lets review our plan for the attack on the 2nd Cordi..."
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Re: Forum game: RP thread
Flagship Sovereign
3rd Sol Fleet
Draco System
Day 3

"They're doing what?!" roared Soryu.

"Offering to surrender... Sir," replied his comms officer.

"Double check that message! That can't be right!"

"I double checked it before telling you, it's valid."

"Hmph. Very well. What do the others want to do about it?"

"There seems to be a general consensus on accepting their surrender."

"Blast. If I'd have my way..."

"They'd be wiped out, right?" laughed Naya.

"Damn right."

Soryu shot a look at the damaged Cordi flagship on the monitor. As much as he wanted to get rid of them, their surrender would probably serve them more than blowing them into the void. Just a few warheads into that ship, and they'd have a glorious fireworks display on their hands. But that wouldn't be anywhere near worth the amount of intelligence they could extract from them back at Sol. Though he might hate himself for it later, it made more sense to let them live.

"Well, what'll it be?" asked his gunnery control officer.

"... Let them be."

There were several gasps through the bridge, followed by several stares.

"What the hell are you guys looking at? Get back to your stations - We've still got incoming from Kardoen!"

It took them a quick moment, but they quickly returned to work. Soryu definitely didn't like what was happening. They didn't get to finish them off, AND they had even meaner company on the way.

On the other hand though, maybe they'll experiment on some of them to make us EVEN BETTER bugspray.

Naya tapped his shoulder, signalling him to meet her in the staff meeting room. He let her leave the bridge first, before leaving the ship in command of his helmsman. The cold halls greeted him just as they did before the fighting started - The serenity of space was nerve-wracking. They were fighting an unknown enemy again, and they were in more or less a worse position than they were to start out. It wasn't like the Cordi had inflicted serious damage, but scratches could easily become gashes, and even the smallest of thorns could become spears.

"Took you long enough, I thought you'd never come."

"Yeah, yeah, what'd you need?"

"It's about Kardoen. I think we should pull back and resupply."

"Sure, but that'd leave the other two fleets we're with here to burn if both of those unknowns showed up."

"It's your call, sir."

Naya's last words from that conversation would ring through his head throughout the night. Stand and fight, or retreat and resupply?


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Re: Forum game: RP thread
Personal Log, Rear Admiral Dovorek Iera

The fleet has been severely weakened. A combined assault by the 3rd Cordi and the 1st Zy fleet decimated our ships, and many lives have been lost, but we have held Tauri, and the 4th SF was able to retreat and resupply. We have achieved our objectives, but at cost. The Hand of Absolution's bridge took a direct hit during the fighting. Captain Regulle is in critical condition, and Lieutenants Uli and Palaa were killed. Whilst the crew knows nothing, I have been informed that it is unlikely that Regulle will make it. I've known her for six years. The Hand was always hers. This grieves me, and written words will do little to stymie it. Further, it has hurt the crew's morale, especially since I was uninjured. Arnaya was highly respected, far more respected than I. I will need to select her replacement with care. Fortunately, I will have ample time to do so; it is likely that we will be relieved in Tauri and be able to retreat to Librae to resupply, though I must coordinate with the other admirals.

In other news, I have heard that our allies have accepted the surrender of a Cordi fleet. How they let the bastards live after what the aliens have done to us is beyond me. I have not released any official statement on the matter, however. Morale is more important right now, and hearing of conflict between allies will likely demoralise the crew further.

Enough. I must visit the medbay.

[16:57] <CommanderDJ> What prompted the decision to split WiH into acts?
[16:58] <battuta> it was long, we wanted to release something
[16:58] <battuta> it felt good to have a target to hit
[17:00] <RangerKarl> not sure if talking about strike mission, or jerking off
[17:00] <CommanderDJ> WUT
[17:00] <CommanderDJ> hahahahaha
[17:00] <battuta> hahahaha
[17:00] <RangerKarl> same thing really, if you think about it


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Re: Forum game: RP thread
4th Sol Fleet 'Battlegroup 11''s flagship Firelance
Rear Admiral Jason Windforce's personal log, day 24 since deployment from Sol.

First contact (and engagement) with the alien race now known as the Zy went... poorly. Their ships wield formidable firepower and their fighters greatly outperform our own.
The fact that they outnumbered us immensely didn't help matters either.

I am not ashamed to admit I retreated. My fleet does better service to Sol and Mankind falling back to fight another day than as heroic clouds of vapor.
Even so, the retreat was proving to be a disaster, when the Zy came after us. Only timely action from the 1st SF prevented us from being destroyed. I am now indebted to Rear Admiral Dovorek Iera, whose fleet I hear suffered too at the hands of the Zy and a new Cordi fleet.
After a quick replenishment at Librae, we'll go back into the fray, possibly covering his retreat as he covered ours. The situation in Tauri looks grim.

Fortunately, the situation elsewhere is going better. Several Nordera and Cordi fleets were destroyed wholesale, and one Cordi fleet was made to surrender. They are now on their way to Sol.
Yet another two species jumped into the fray, both hostile: the Hertak and the Fur'angle. They, like the Zy, are proving formidable enemies. Even so, plans are being put in motion to counterattack them.
The day where we launch our strikes into their systems, wherever they may be, is not far. And Sol Fleet, as it always did, will be at the forefront of the assault. I'll make sure of that.

UPDATE: our allies the Cyrvans are joining the fight under the command of Admiral Yaiceca. Her racist statements never fail to bring a chuckle or two out of my personnel. With that said, I don't envy the human fleet that fights alongside her. I'll make sure to send that commander my sympathies...
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Re: Forum game: RP thread
Admiral's Log
Rear Admiral Veers
Flagship Silver Arrow of the 1st Commonwealth Royal Fleet

En-route to Aquarius via Vega

The capture of the 4th Cordi fleet went very well, they were extremely cooperative and appear to be very similar to us in many ways. While we of the 1st CRF did not engage with them for long before they were shipped off to Sol, they appear to serve in a similar matter to our own Commonwealth. Being utterly dedicated to a King or Queen.

Our morale has certainly risen with this event, and I understand that several captains have also distributed information to the ranks about the Cordi and what information we know about them, it certainly has appeared to calm them and help us all understand about our enemy.

Hopefully those eggheads in Sol will treat the Cordi with some respect and not use them as lab-rats, this would certainly upset morale...

(Pause Log)


We've arrived in Vega, I've distributed orders for us to reorganise and count our losses while we transit the system. As we've already cleared the lance we'll be taking a breather here before continuing to Aquarius to replenish and rest our forces.

I've chosen to fall back to Aquarius not only for it's security away from the front lines, but also it's nebula environment. It is very calming and I hope that our forces will rest well during out time here, other than that. It is also our gate-way back to our home systems and the Northern Sector which from reports,

The fleets there have been facing a force known as the Zy. And while we were engaged by the races now designated as the Fura'ngle and the Hertak, I feel comfortable with not having taken the 1st Fleet into action against these warriors.  The Cordi and Nordera are certainly interesting combatants, they were not terribly strong on their own while the Zy appear to surpass even our most skilled pilots. The Hertak however, are on a different scale all together.

The 1st Delest Dynasty under Admiral Ralwood was set upon by the Hertak fleet when it entered Draco, I am hoping to discuss these new fleets with him shortly however we are both focusing specifically on ourselves right now. As we each took heavy losses in the enemy counter-attack.

I will be commending the fleet when we reach Aquarius, while we did not engage major elements of the Hertak fleet, we did engage in heavy fighting with the 3rd Nordera and the 1st Fura'ngle, one of the newest races to appear.

Several techs are combing over data as I record, to present to myself and the command staff so we may distribute further information through Allied channels. It appears that our energy based weapons were less effective against the Fura'ngle.., and their ship designs appear to be remarkable but almost in violation of the laws of our universe...

Again, we shall have more data soon.

(End Log)


Veers closed his log and signalled the communications officer, "Prepare a secure channel for me to the 4th Fleet please, I will have a message for Rear Admiral Santiago ready shorty", a short reply was all that was needed before Veers turned his attention back towards his newest message.

Admiral Santiago,

I understand you are preparing to assault Draco as I speak, I just wanted to pass along a few words to you about your upcoming battle.

First, please find attached all the data I have available at this time about these two new enemies, the Hertak and the Fura'ngle. I hope you will find it useful before you have to deal with their vessels. I beseech you not to underestimate them, the Nordera and Cordi are both strong and difficult in their own way, but the technology of the Fura'ngle is complete foreign to anything in Terran or Cyrvan Space.

The Hertak are even more powerful, they engaged Admiral Ralwood and the 1st Delest fleet directly and inflicted heavy losses. However, he managed to bloody their nose very well, even while in retreat. The Commonwealth will expect nothing less of yourself when you move to engage them.

God Speed Admiral, You have the advantage to halt this war here and now.

Rear Admiral Veers,
1st CRF Fleet.

Veers closed the message and sent it, Santiago was a strong leader. Very fit to lead the 4th Fleet into battle..

and out the other side. If the Hertak fleet is allowed to move to gain tactical and strategic momentum, they could face not only the collapse of their front lines, but the possible invasion of Vega. A heavily populated system, it was bad enough that untold thousands if not already millions had not survived this war already but it could not be allowed to escalate any deeper into the heart of Terran space.

"Captain Fel, signal the Fleet..."

"The moment we enter Aquarius they are to begin taking on supplies and repairs. We are here to repair, resupply and were possible.. relax. We cannot allow our allies to take all of our glory"

"Of course Admiral..." Veers noted something hanging off Fel's sentence for just a moment, "You have not sent a message to your wife since we left Ruba Pegasi. I would suggest, a short note to her..."

He chuckled at the comment, Fel was not only the captain of the Silver Arrow, but a close friend to many.. not just himself.. It was one of the qualities that would, one day. Turn Fel into the finest Admiral in Terran Space.

"I can always count on you to remind me, I assume that is an order then?"
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Re: Forum game: RP thread
Virgo System
Virgo Orbital Station 2

The station is filled with various crew and mercenaries taking their time off or just waiting for their ships being repaired. After the 1st UGCR pulled back from Aldebaran, Hans' Internet Cafe on the platform is more crowded than usual that there are very few empty seats left. Many of the pilots especially, are excited that a new version of Winds of Dusk has just been announced and is under development, especially that some of the workings are happening right there.

Jerry gets up from his relaxed position on his chair upon seeing a new broadcast appearing on the computer in front of him. "There's the data we've been waiting for, the information on those Fura'ngle and Hertak ships. The Dynast fleets are sure that slow at sending their reports."

Angelo who was sitting next to him smiled, he was apparently glad to finally had his chance to give some contribution to the Winds of Dusk mod. "If that is the case, we can start getting to work. Even if this programming part is done, I think that texture package the combat recording computers give out needs some improvement."

"Agreed, if that is the case, we can start polishing these too." someone answered. Angelo turns around to see who it was, who turns out to be a member of Captain von Jakob's Vaqueros squadron, at least by his uniform. "I wonder where the Captain is. No matter, you guys should concentrate in the programming, I and my friends will do what we can with these models. Hopefully that Kent guy in Cordia will finish up the new launcher pretty soon."

"Sure, it would be better if all is finished together, don't want to keep everyone waiting." Angelo then gets back to his seat and continues his programming, while Jerry tries to make some sense of what Angelo is typing in the programming sheet. He may be a veteran in the game, but he is not exactly familiar with programming. Suddenly the entrance door slams open and walks in Captain Albrecht von Jakob.

"You don't have to be that rough, captain" one of the Vaqueros commented. "I don't wish to be rough of course, if I am not carrying all these...well" . The man then looks up, only then he noticed that Captain von Jakob is carrying 2 trays full of various drink cans, one on each hand. "Help me with this will you, Johnny."  "Oh, sorry Captain." the man replied after noticing, then he immediately got up and pick up the tray from the Captain's left hand.

"Just hand that to the others, Johnny." The Captain then continues to where Angelo is sitting. "As promised, you got that lizard, I'll buy you a drink. Don't worry, I already given Commander Gavriil and the others in the leisure deck their share." Captain von Jakob then put down the tray on the table behind Angelo.  "Oh, and where is the hero, the one that scored that killing blow?"

"You mean Sanjay? He just ran to the toilet I think." Jerry answered. "But I don't think you need to buy us this many."

"I figured you guys going to stay here for a while for your whatever programming, just like some of my boys do so I suppose I can give something more to lift up the spirit."  Captain von Jakob then turns around and walks back to the door. He then waves at them when he is near the exit. "Lastly, give Sanjay my regards. That lizard scum would have killed me if it weren't for him. I need to have a word with Commodore Jameson, so I won't be staying for long."

"Oh great. Which reminds me now, how do you program a stealth fighter that can lose its stealth if it gets damaged up to a certain threshold?"

Johnny walks up to Angelo's computer and did showed some settings in the editor. "There it is, easy. Just add the threshold in the condition."

"Great, as soon as you guys are done with the modelling, we can start some of the proper simulations. Then soon we can let the other people here their first experience with the new version."

Re: Forum game: RP thread
Flagship Sovereign
3rd Sol Fleet
Draco System
Day 4

"Get me a sitrep, now!" ordered Soryu as he stormed onto the bridge. 

"Unknown fleets, identified as the 1st Hertak and the 1st Fura'ngle along with the 3rd Nordera jumped in at 0325 hours and splashed the 1st CRF and the 1st DD! Both fleets sustained heavy damage!"

"Damn... Put it up on the monitor!"

After planting himself in the command chair, he nervously wiped his brow and took a look at the holographic map.

There's three of them, and three of us - Why didn't they come for us? Are they trying to demoralize us? MOCK us? They might as well have just focus-fired on fleet and taken one of us down.

Wait... What the hell?

Soryu gestured open several windows carrying what little info they had on the Hertak ships. He flinched he glanced over their estimated strength compared to their own. Not only were their capital ships outrageously difficult to get rid of, they were complimented by fighters mounting beam cannons. No wonder they were able to do almost just as much damage as the Fura'ngle and Nordera fleets combined.

"Admiral, the fleet is ready standingby, awaiting your orders," reported Naya.

Without turning to look at her, he nodded, and closed his eyes in thought.

The 1st DD and the 1st CRF can't retreat unless they're lucky and don't end up getting shot in the back. Even if we wanted to retreat, we'd be giving the 1st Hertak and the 1st Fura'ngle time to recover - Can't afford to do that unless we want to keep dealing with them. We also need to cover the others, if they plan on retreating.

We might be able to wipe out the 3rd Nordera, but that's not likely to do us much good in the long run.

We could shoot up the Fura'ngle fleet since they're weaker than the Hertak fleet, but we'll have to deal with the Hertak possibly wiping out one of us.

That just leaves us with the best option being...

Soryu gulped before opening his eyes to address the crew.

"All hands... Prepare to engage the Hertak."


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Re: Forum game: RP thread

2235 hours, St. Louis IX Bridge, Hydra-Draco Node, Hydra

The bridge was a nexus of quiet intensity as the bridge crew ran through their last-minute checks and preparations for the jump to Draco. The Admiral occupied his usual elevated chair, seated behind Captain Kerr and sparing an occasional glance for the crew below.

"The 20th Thunderbolts have landed, sir," one of the comm officers was saying. "The Cadence reports ready op. We have no response from the 3rd CRF." But, if they're following the plan, they'll be here in a matter of hours.

"Good," Santiago responded, his mind already drifting to the battle ahead. He trusted that his subordinates could handle the 4th's assembly at the node without his micromanagement. If everything went as planned, by tomorrow, the strongest Hierarchy fleet in the war would be crippled by the combined firepower of the 4th, 3rd CRF, and 3rd SF. It was a risky plan, moving two fleets through contested space and leaving only one fleet holding Hydra. Santiago, though, had accepted that any plan for counter-attacking the numerically-superior Hierarchy would entail major risk.

With everything seemingly under control on the bridge, Santiago opened a conference call to several of his subordinates for a last-minute informal status report. The bridge didn't mount a full holographic projector like the ready room had, so communication was restricted to video/audio feed. The white-noise field around the Admiral's chair ensured that their conversation wouldn't disturb or be disturbed by the bridge crew around them. Screen after screen flared to life around him; he was happy to see the faces of Scott, Beresford, Tryon, and Jellicoe.

"So, lady and gentlemen. Any more last-minute problems that require my urgent attention?"

One of his personal aides spoke first. "Your message to the 2nd DD commander has been delivered."

"Good luck, but now we're ditching you to fight the Hertak," Scott paraphrased. "Yeah, that'll make Kuznetsov so thrilled."

"I know," Santiago responded. "But it's better than nothing. Tryon?"

"2nd Battle Group is on schedule," the blonde commodore replied, his smooth mask of formality firmly in place. Santiago hoped that the trust he had placed in Tryon would be validated in the upcoming engagement.

"3rd BG has assembled, and is awaiting the order," Jellicoe said. "All captains have reviewed the briefings on the Hertak and Fura'ngle, and the simulations project that our massed volley fire should be sufficient to bring down an Armageddon's shields."

"I'll say one thing about those big red crab ships, they sure are easy to hit," Scott chimed in. "The only problem is getting enough firepower on-target to bring them down in one or two volleys. Even with the advantage of surprise, I'm projecting that we'll only be able to take down five in our initial shock-jump, max. After that, it's open season for our local band of Space Control rejects."

Santiago had presumed as much. "That's what the 3rd CRF and 3rd SF are there for. If we do our job, I trust that they'll do theirs. This isn't the smoothest of plans, but it's all we've got. Comms, put me in touch with Admirals Harkness and Soryu at their earliest convenience. We need to go over our battle plan together." Santiago's personal aide nodded, and began trying to establish an inter-system comm link.

"One last thing." The Admiral lowered his voice a notch. "The Hertak used inefficient tactics in their initial attack on Draco. They could have wiped out any one of the Allied fleets in a single attack, but left the 1st CRF and 1st DD alive. Now, I'm no expert on Hertak psychology," not that we have any such thing, "but it was probably a morale-breaking ploy. They want us to know they can wipe us out, and show us their firepower, so that those left alive are terrified, and spread that terror. We will recognize this tactic, and refuse to let it affect us. We are CRF." Nothing more needed to be said.


Now, all Santiago could do was pray, and wait for the dawn.
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Re: Forum game: RP thread
Iera stood on the auxiliary bridge of the Hand of Absolution, hands clasped behind his back. The main bridge was still being repaired from the fire it took.  Even here, he could feel the absence of Captain Regulle's presence, and he was sure the crew could feel it too. She had passed away peacefully but a few hours before, and he was sure the news had leaked already. Nevertheless, it was time to address it.

"Comms, get me an open channel."
"To the fleet, sir?"
"No. Just to the Hand."
There was a momentary pause.
"It's open, sir."

Iera cleared his throat and took a deep breath before beginning to speak. His voice did not waver.
"Men and women of the Hand of Absolution, this is your admiral speaking."
He paused, and those on the bridge with him saw him bow his head.
"I have unfortunate news: only a few hours ago, Captain Regulle, our executive officer, passed away from the wounds she sustained during our duel with the Zy. She died peacefully and without pain. She was known, respected and loved by many of you, and I share your sorrow at her passing. She was a dear friend to me, and a fine officer; a bastion of humanity."
Another pause. The admiral signalled to the comms officer to open the channel up to the entire fleet.

"My fellow warriors, you have all witnessed the opposition we face. The Zy are nothing like the Cordi we first fought and continue to fight. They are fierce and have taken many of our fellow men and women away from us. However, in spite of all that they have done, all the sorrow and grief that they have inflicted upon us, we have held. We have held. We have held. Tauri is not yet theirs. This system and those who reside in it have been spared a horrible fate by your actions. The iron wall of humanity still stands, and will continue to stand. Even as I speak, our allies, whether their allegiance lies to Earth, to Queen, to Dynasty or to commerce, are fighting just as we are, and though they may not be alongside us, they are certainly fighting with us. For despite our origins, we all fight for the same thing. And we will achieve it."
[16:57] <CommanderDJ> What prompted the decision to split WiH into acts?
[16:58] <battuta> it was long, we wanted to release something
[16:58] <battuta> it felt good to have a target to hit
[17:00] <RangerKarl> not sure if talking about strike mission, or jerking off
[17:00] <CommanderDJ> WUT
[17:00] <CommanderDJ> hahahahaha
[17:00] <battuta> hahahaha
[17:00] <RangerKarl> same thing really, if you think about it


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Re: Forum game: RP thread

Inevitably Successful in All Circumstances
2nd United Guilds of Commerce Regulars
Albebaran System

Ah Luc sighed & turned away from his viewscreen.  It wasn't that the attack had been a failure, on the contrary the 2nd UGCR & 2nd CRF had set aside their historical emnity and co-operated in excellent fashion to completely neutralise the 2nd Cordi.  No, the problem was the lack of counterstroke from the 2nd Zy & 5th Cordi fleets.  He must be missing something, and that was highly annoying.  Still, he wasn't going to let their inaction lull him into a false sense of security.

"Adjutant" he called.

"Yes Admiral" came the robotic voice.

"I need a staff meeting scheduled for 0600 to review the plan of attack on the 2nd Zy. Then chase up the current status of those mercenary contracts, I want them ready to join our fleet the 1st chance we get.  If the combat bonus accruals are complete, bring that in for my review & signoff.  And finally, I need letters to the next of kin of our combat losses, ready for my signature & approval."

"As you wish Admiral" came the reply and Ah Luc settled back in his chair. Only a few letters today thankfully...
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Re: Forum game: RP thread
Hydra - Day 4
2nd DD Fleet
Flagship Nova

Admiral's Log (private):

The atmosphere on the bridge has definitely changed during the last 3 days. At the beginning of the hostilities everyone seemed to be discouraged and unmotivated for various reasons. The most important
one being the lack of modern fighters followed by the fact that a great part of the crew consists of conscripts. From the beginning many expected the DD fleets, which are considered to be the weakest out of all the friendly nations, to face heavy casualties and have very little impact on the actual fighting.

Still, sitting around and waiting was no alternative and I ordered the fleet to move to Hydra and support the 2nd LSF. Fortunately we arrived before hostilities commenced. While there was insufficient firepower available to outright destroy the 3rd Nordera we could expect them to retreat if hit hard enough. After consulting with Rear Admiral Augustus Corvus we agreed to send them an unmistakable message and use everything we have including our barrage and their combined arms capabilities.

The battle was short and it seems the Nordera had a hard time organising a defense. This kept our losses low with only a few fighters destroyed and some damage to the capital ships. It was disturbing to see their fighting spirit go up with every loss they faced as if that's their life goal. In the aftermath of the battle two Nordera fleets arrived from Draco after they forced the 1st LSF to retreat. Nonetheless the 3rd Nordera pulled back into Kardoen. Many of the crew were relieved that they didn't end as cannon fodder. There were reports of other more powerful hostile races appearing but these were withheld from the crew besides commanding officers. Instead everyone was to focus on the matter at hand: More fighting against Nordera fleets. We had to keep everyone in high spirits. It was decided to maintain the pressure and do another combined attack on the smaller of the two Nordera fleets.

Following some hours of hasty preparations we were able to start another successful attack inflicting heavy damage while keeping our losses at a minimum. While our attack was still running we started preparations for their counter offensive. Sadly with these alien races our intel is negligible and there was no indication which fleet will be their target. Afterwaiting for hours at highest alert we received a message that the 2nd LSF was shock jumped by both hostile fleets and received heavy losses within a few minutes. Before the fleet was ready for an emergency jump to their position the attack was over. Additionally Admiral Corvus was was wounded and several of his command staff killed when a dying Nordera Battleaxe rammed their flagship. Their fleet was in chaos and it took them almost half a day to organise an ordered retreat to Odin. At that point everything we could do was give them cover during their retreat together with the newly arrived 3rd CRF.

As usual we shared tactical data with the 3rd CRF and decided that finishing the weakened 2nd Nordera was crucial. If they were able to retreat and resupply our last battles would be for naught. Rear Admiral John Harkness also told us that 4th CRF under Rear Admiral Carlos Santiago is also on the way but won't arrive in time to support us during the next battle. That means we got two Britannian "We all die soon in shiny armor and with knightly behaviour for Queen and Country!" fleets around. I don't really like them but I do envy the CRF admirals for their motivated crew and their ability to push the morale even higher with zeal speeches. The only thing that prevented our "resolve" and "loyalty" from going to the bottom of the scale were the crystal mines. Maybe I should copy them sometime in the future and write a speech urging everyone to fight for Lady Yu Ki Kohakuren and the motherland?

The next day together with 3rd CRF the 2nd Nordera was destroyed. They had no chance and were pretty much space debris before realizing what happened. They were barely able to scratch the paint on our fighters and that means something considering our ancient 2nd generation flying cans. The cheers on the bridge after the last visible Nordera ship went up in a pretty fireball were overwhelming. It was our first major victory and so far fleet performance is far above my expectations. Scouting flights showed that the remaining Nordera fleet moved close to the starlance to Kardoen and made no attempt to prepare for an attack. Everyone was eager to celebrate and there was no risk of an unexpected attack. Since I didn't want to miss out this chance to raise fleet morale the whole crew got 2 hours of free time after doing all necessary field repairs.
While everyone was having fun I wrote my report covering the combat events of the last 3 days and sent it to the central government. Maybe the empress has mercy and finally sends us some of the 3rd generation fighters stockpiled in the core systems.


Admiral Kuznetsov closed the log and saw that he got several encrypted messages in his inbox. After decrypting them at least one of them seemed to be overly formal. Before he had any chance to read them the communication system came to life:
"Sir, could you come the bridge!"
"I'm on my way"

Admiral Kuznetsov stood up from his comfortable chair and stretched himself.
"I really need some exercise in the fresh air" he muttered to himself before leaving the room.

Located directly besides the bridge he had to walk only a few seconds from his quarters until he stood before the automatic door to the bridge. When it slid open he was caught by surprise. The complete bridge personal was standing in a neat line saluting him. After staring at the scene for some seconds Captain Aleksei Chirikov approached him and broke the awkward silence:
"Congratulations on your promotion, Vice Admiral Kuznetsov"
He finally got his composure back and saluted.
"Thank you! Stand at ease!"

After the bridge crew went back to their stations he sat into his command chair, Aleksei still at his side. They knew each other for many years since academy and served in the same fleet. Starting at the same rank he ended up being always one or two ranks above Aleksei.
"God this was awful. I should have read my mail before coming. At least my rank difference to you is bolstered up again."
"Well, the look on your face was priceless - so good I'll gladly accept being of lower rank."
Both couldn't resist grinning.
"On a more serious note: Are there any other news I have missed? Anything about the fleets in Draco? With this "Hertak race" controlling fleets with more than twice as much firepower as we have I can hardly sleep easy. One sneeze of them and the Nova will probably fall apart."
"While I share your concerns, there is some good news. We will receive a complete shipment of 3rd gen fighters within the next days. I'm sure our pilots will appreciate it. They have been training for them in the simulator for several months."
"Thank you! The Motherland hasn't given up on us!"
He continued to speak louder.
"Communications officer - sent a message to all carriers that they will receive new complement of 3rd gen fighters within the next day and should prepare for it. It is important that they keep the old fighters ready for battle. We might fall under attack before the shipment arrives."
"Yes sir! ... uh ... there is a message from Admiral Santiago. It's on your display."
"He could have just written <Good luck, but now we're ditching you to fight the Hertak> instead of talking around the fact. Let's hope their shiny armor and queen worshipping protects them well against Hertak beam weaponry."
Everyone knew he wasn't too fond of Britannia to say at least. So no one felt any urge to respond and continue with this topic.
"If they decide to leave us alone we can't risk attacking the remaining Nordera fleet. All fleet elements should cover the CRF movements so they don't fall under attack.
Captain, I'll leave the bridge to you. I got some more paperwork to do that comes with the promotion. Let the crew prepare a barrage just in case."
Aleksei rolled his eyes when Georgiy said the word <paperwork>. Nothing's more fun in Delest Dynasty's bureaucratic and partially corrupt military.
Here goes scripting and copy paste coding
Freespace RTS Mod
Checkpoint/Shipsaveload script


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Re: Forum game: RP thread
                                                      THE 2ND CRF

Fleet Admiral: Lorric

Fleet Anthem:
Fleet Motto: Tireless. Fearless. Peerless.

Fleet Flagship: CRF Soaring Spirit, Lord Class.

Fleet Vessels
CRF Unbreakable Tenacity
CRF Boundless Confidence
CRF Earnest Intent
CRF Defined Purpose
CRF Faith and Valour
CRF Honour and Duty
CRF Moral Courage
CRF Righteous Wrath
CRF Honest Effort
CRF Serene Mind
CRF Firm Resolve
CRF Calm Composure
CRF Passionate Fervour
CRF Valiant Heart
CRF Labour of Love
CRF Brave Soul
CRF Burning Passion
CRF Guiding Hand
CRF Enduring Faith
CRF Selfless Benevolence
CRF Iron Will
CRF Driving Force
CRF Towering Presence
CRF Burning Inspiration
CRF Vehement Determination
CRF Undaunted Courage
CRF Undying Loyalty
CRF Steadfast Commitment
CRF Tireless Persistence
CRF Firm Conviction
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Re: Forum game: RP thread
Champion-class carrier Swift, Sol Force 2nd Fleet, Virgo system[/color]
Flag officer's quarters

Rear Admiral Fremont, the Swift's captain as well as the XO were reviewing various reports regarding the war effort.
-"So, the big guys decided to show their faces in Draco", said the XO, "their ships are insanely big and powerful, but the fleet admirals there believe that they wouldn't be able to resist being ganged up by half a fleet.
-Sir, I've taken the liberty of having our fighter be equipped with kinetic weaponry, seeing as both the Fur ... Faran'g ... the crystal dudes and the Zy armor have high reflective properties. We'll lose some effectiveness versus cordi crafts, but I believe it to be worth it.
-Excellent. Our last two capital ships are due to arrive within the next half our, dragging along a transport carrying fresh pilots and fighter crafts. As soon as they are integrated with our fleet, start making preparations to jump back into Aldebaran. XO, how's the moral holding up?
-The crew is eager to get back into the fight. I know they'd rather get back at the Cordi, but they understand the threat posed by the Zy.
-Good. Captain, make sure the crew know how the battle will plan out. With the 2nd CRF moving to Tauri, LSF elements and our own ships will have to cover the 2nd UGCR's retreat. We owe these guys and I don't want us to mess up a chance to repay our debts. Also make sure they understand that we will be rotated straight into the UGCR's combat zone, and to prepare accordingly.


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Re: Forum game: RP thread

                                                      4TH CRF

Fleet Admiral: Rear Admiral Carlos Santiago

Fleet Anthem:
Fleet Motto: Honor in Omnibus (Honor in All Things)

Fleet Flagship: CRF St. Louis IX, Lord Class.

Fleet Vessels

1st Carrier Battle Group
CO: Admiral Santiago

Flagship: CRF St. Louis IX (Lord, CO: Captain Walter Kerr)
-129th Tigers (Esquire, CO: Captain Charles Beatty)
-33rd Order of the Golden Fleece (Esquire, CO: Commander Dhruv Anshari)
-117th Hussars (Ray IIIM3v, CO: Lt. Commander Stanley Wodjakowski)
-20th Thunderbolts (Kaze-Page, CO: Commander Rainley Dashwood)
-9th Crazy Pixies (Kaze-Page, CO: Lt. Commander Roger Sarno)
-495th Vampires (Kaze-Page, CO: Lt. Commander Fenway Scarlet)
-53rd Sabers (Excalibur, CO: Commander Arthur White)
-90th Berserkers (Excalibur, CO: Lt. Commander Ellis Einzbern)
-203rd Annihilators (Hazel, CO: Lt. Commander Richard Deckard)

CRF Warrior (Duke)
CRF Inflexible (Duke)
CRF Excelsior (Duke)
CRF Swiftsure (Cavalier)
CRF Relentless (Cavalier)
CRF Bellerophon (Cavalier)
CRF Undaunted (Cavalier)

2nd Carrier Battle Group
CO: Commodore Ronald Jellicoe

Flagship: CRF Dreadnought (Champion)
-2nd Firebrands (Esquire, CO: Captain Langley Sorenson)
-89th Hospitallers (Esquire, CO: Lt. Commander David Rutherford)
-25th Banshees (Ray IIIM3v, CO: Lt. Commander Mordecai Bar-Ezra)
-49th Riders (Kaze-Page, CO: Lt. Commander Stacey Matthews)
-148th Guardians (Kaze-Page, CO: Lt. Commander James Deighan)
-180th Parthians (Kaze-Page, CO: Lt. Commander David Thule)
-54th Steel Rain (Excalibur, CO: Commander Aldrick Borrel)
-235th Iron Fists (Excalibur, CO: Lt. Commander Matthew Hastings)

CRF Warrior (Duke)
CRF Invincible (Duke)
CRF Iron Duke (Duke)
CRF Cadence (Cavalier)
CRF Ocean (Cavalier)
CRF Ramilies (Cavalier)
CRF Orion (Cavalier)

3rd Carrier Battle Group
CO: Commodore Lloyd Tryon

Flagship: CRF Thunderchild (Champion)
-83rd Maids of Orleans (Esquire, CO: Captain Guy de Jocelyn)
-20th Wizards (Esquire, CO: Lt. Commander Paul Wilson)
-171st Beta Guards (Ray IIIM3v, CO: Commander Holley Macaulay)
-121st Golden Scythes (Kaze-Page, CO: Lt. Commander Kyle Macintosh)
-232nd Sturmwind (Kaze-Page, CO: Lt. Commander Roger Hartman)
-97th Kataphraktoi (Excalibur, CO: Commander Roger MacGuire)
-195th Silent Warriors (Excalibur, CO: Lt. Commander Thomas Yarnell)
-101st Protectors (Excalibur, CO: Lt. Commander Stephen Wood)

CRF Camperdown (Duke, CO: Commander Roger Markham)
CRF Colossus (Duke)
CRF Queen Victoria (Duke)
CRF Agincourt (Cavalier)
CRF Splendid (Cavalier)
CRF Royal Oak (Cavalier)
CRF Repulse (Cavalier)

1st Strike Division
CO: Captain Johnathan Shadwell

Flagship: CRF Lion (Duke)
CRF Vanguard (Cavalier)
CRF Sovereign (Cavalier)
CRF Neptune (Cavalier)

2nd Strike Division
CO: Captain Arthur Wilson

Flagship: CRF Indomitable (Duke)
CRF Monmouth (Cavalier)
CRF Minotaur (Cavalier)
CRF Renown (Cavalier)
"We have now reached the point where every goon with a grievance, every bitter bigot, merely has to place the prefix, 'I know this is not politically correct, but...' in front of the usual string of insults in order to be not just safe from criticism, but actually a card, a lad, even a hero. Conversely, to talk about poverty and inequality, to draw attention to the reality that discrimination and injustice are still facts of life, is to commit the sin of political correctness. Anti-PC has become the latest cover for creeps. It is a godsend for every curmudgeon and crank, from fascists to the merely smug."
Finian O'Toole, The Irish Times, 5 May 1994

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Frontlines 2334+2335: T-V War campaign
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Re: Forum game: RP thread
Virgo System
Virgo Orbital Platform 2

Baron Markus and some of his crew are still waiting for the repair of their ships. The news reel are still filled with news from the front.
"The 1st UGCR is leaving for Polaris soon. Are we going to rejoin them in Fomalhaut?"
"I doubt it, those lizards gave our ships quite a beating. Jaxon also just told me that the Thunderhawk's secondary reactors was wrecked, so we are going to wait for the replacement."
"Right, I almost forget about that part. Oh, and about our payment?"
"Commodore Jameson is going to contact me soon, his battlegroup will be staying here anyway since the Fomalhaut shipyards are full."

While they were conversing, Commodore Jameson walks into the lounge.
"Great, speak of the devil. So, I suppose our payment is ready?"
"Yes and no." the Commodore said, still maintaining the big smile on his face. "I have two options for your for now actually."
Baron Markus puts down the glass of cocktail in his hand, and replied calmly "So it is not ready is it?"
"Let me finish with that. We can pay you with what we have right now, and then give you the rest in a few days, a bit more than your contract agreement of course. However, there is something else that you might be interested in."
"And what that might be?"
"You see, my superiors have decided to give some special rewards to mercenary groups that have given their best performance in battle. Duke Nightwing didn't want it, so I suppose it can be yours."
"Well, what kind of reward is that?"
Commodore Jameson walks to the window and points outside "Sure, see that Rhino over there, if you are content to accepting only half of your payment, it is yours."
Baron Markus freezes in disbelief for a moment. "So you are giving me......a cruiser, are you serious? That is way more than our payment."
"I said it is a reward, not payment, at least part of it. Don't ask how the brass get it, it is their business, not mine. And may I remind you, just the ship, crew not included."
"All right, you win, you just gave us an offer we cannot refuse. But I just can't take another cruiser and expect the Britannian customs to leave me alone can I?"
"I already handled all the paperwork and got through all of your Britannian rules. I have to admit it wasn't easy, but it is done regardless. There you are, here is the certificate of ownership, just sign these papers, and we are done."

As soon as Markus signed the receipt, Commodore Jameson bolts through the door. Anders still thought it was a joke somehow, but suddenly realized that the UGC rarely ever failed in their payment.

"Great, I was actually saving up to get another ship for us, and it suddenly gets thrown into my face."
"But that also means we are going to stay here for a couple more days?"
"Right, we don't have enough people to man it right now."
"And why did they pay us with that?"
"A way to keep the spirit up for the mercs perhaps? Some of the hired guns aren't exactly easy to keep around. And give Ortega a call for me, tell him that we have his toy somewhat early, and we need his crew here immediately."
"Right away, Captain Ortega and his crew are starting to get tired of being a reserve, that should make him happy."


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1217 hours, St. Louis IX Combat Information Center, Allied Rallying Point 3, Rallying Point, Draco

"Admiral, 3rd Fleet and the 3rd SF are reporting ready op." Santiago nodded to acknowledge the orange-haired comms operator. The dim interior of the CIC was lit by the glow of screens, as the operators finished their last-minute preparations and steeled for battle. Santiago himself stared at the holotank, which projected a system-wide map of Terran and Hierarchy fleet dispositions.

Finally, it was time.The 4th and their two allied fleets were gathered at their rallying points. Allied recon fighters were holding position just outside the Hierarchy's staging points, and transmitting up-to-the-minute reports on Hierarchy movements. The Hierarchy fleets were ill-positioned to reinforce each other, but Santiago was sure that the 1st Fura'ngle and 3rd Nordera would jump in to reinforce the 1st Hertak after the Allied fleets' initial attack. Allied casualties would inevitably be heavy, but such was the price of victory.

Yes, so many will die, and all because you're not as good as you think you are, a familiar voice of self-doubt whispered in Santiago's head. Ever since Ruba Pegasi and the near-slaughter of the 4th CRF, he'd had a niggling fear of failure, as much as he tried to quash it. Your fancy subspace chess games won't be enough. You'll slip up, and they'll pay the price.

A voice broke through Santiago's thoughts. "...Sir? Are you alright?" Startled into alertness, Santiago checked his comms panel. It was Commodore Jellicoe calling. As the Admiral tried to think of a response, Jellicoe continued. "It's Ruba Pegasi, isn't it?" You know me all too well, friend. "What'd Lorric say if he saw you moping like this just before an operation?"

Santiago smiled wanly. "He'd tell me to stop over-thinking things and just attack already." Buoyed by a new surge of energy, he felt his angst leave him. "Thanks. Copy your previous report?"

Relief was evident on Jellicoe's face. "2nd Battlegroup reports ready op."

"Good. Comms, tell them that 4CRF reports ready op."

The operator nodded.

Jellicoe continued. "The men are ready, Sir. Let's do this."

A counter in the corner of the holotank display was counting down, "T-10, T-9, T-8..." The 4th's units were arranged in formation, guns ready to fire.

St. Michael, St. George, pray for us.

"T-2, T-1..."

"Mark! All units, engage drives!"


The 4th CRF's battlegroups flared back into realspace directly on top of the 1st Hertak, lit by the rays of Draco's sun behind them. The red-black vessels, as imposing and diabolical as they looked, had been caught off-guard. All around them, more luminous subspace vortexes signaled the arrival of the 3rd CRF and 3rd SF. The starry blackness was lit by greenish-blue trails of Terran fighters, and the gleaming white shapes of CRF capital ships. The St. Louis IX herself had jumped in perpendicular to one Hertak ship designated Target One, ideally positioned for a dorsal laser barrage.

"All ships, weapons free!" Santiago barked. The CRF warships let loose brilliant volleys of plasma into the flickering-red rear shields of Hertak Armageddons. Fighter squadrons started their attack runs, as Excaliburs and Kaze-Pages blasted the Ravager screen into debris with massed cannon and missile salvos. The St. Louis added to the pounding with its dorsal batteries. Target One's rear shields held against the initial barrage, but began to flicker and fold before the brilliant light of massed CRF cannon salvos. St. Michael and the devil.

One of the sensor operators called out, "Shield penetration on Target One! Confirming armor spall!" The lumbering Armageddon was turning around to engage, firing its broadside beams, but it was too little, too late.

"1st, go for terminal engagement on Target One!" Smelling blood, 1st Battlegroup pulled up closer to the ailing monstrosity. Target One was hemorrhaging drive plasma and armor plating under the withering fusillade. Scott's gunnery drills had done their job, as the 4th's gunners were hitting hairline fractures in the Armageddons' hulls with lethal effect.

"FIRE!" As one, the ships of 1st Battlegroup fired an overwhelming volley of brilliant plasma, smashing through the Armageddon's flickering starboard shields and piercing its reactor core. The monstrosity exploded with a great flash of light, a shower of debris, and a soundless roar. A cheer went up throughout the CIC, and, Santiago was sure, throughout the whole ship. Turning from the viewscreen to the holotank, Santiago saw that four other Armageddons had fallen under the 4th's assault, and the other two fleets had claimed several more. The once-fearsome 1st Hertak had been reduced to under a third of its former strength. Santiago felt a momentary thrill of hope, that perhaps the allies could claim victory and end the war.


Those hopes were shattered mere seconds later, when more subspace vortexes in the distance heralded the arrival of the Fura'ngle and Nordera. The enemy reinforcements fell on the 3rd CRF with a terrifyingly-effective fusillade, bolstered by the remnants of the 1st Hertak. The 3rd CRF was on the other side of the battlefield, too far away for the 4th to reach before they were crushed. His capital ships' drives were still cycling, and he'd committed all his reserves to the initial attack. There was nothing the 4th could do to avert the slaughter.

Nevertheless, Santiago had to try. "All units, regroup and make best speed to assist the 3rd!" He was tempted to send his strikecraft ahead of the capital ships, but he knew the enemy ships' point defenses would catch his fighters in a fire pocket if they attacked alone. The green holotank symbols of the 4th turned around and started moving slowly, too slowly, towards the pocket of green surrounded by a mass of red.

But it was too little, too late. As light after light winked out, each taking a capital ship and hundreds or thousands of CRF crewmen with it, Santiago saw that the deed was done. He dropped to his knees and whispered a quick prayer for the deceased; "O my Jesus, forgive us our sins, save us from the fires of Death. Lead all souls into heaven, especially those in most need of Thy mercy."

He sat back in his chair, just as the red lights representing the Hierarchy fleets began advancing toward the remaining Terran forces. The allied fleets were outgunned, and no good would come of dying here in a pointless last stand. "All units, fall back and plot jumps for Rally Point Four. Fighters, screen our warships in case they launch an attack wave. We're done here. All fleet units, damage reports!"

The 4th's warships turned tail and ran. Some in the CRF might have regarded any Britannian retreat from a battlefield as shameful, but Santiago knew that it was folly to cling to a warrior's pride in such circumstances.

After a few tense minutes, as the Hierarchy fleet inched ever closer on the holotank display, the comms operator called out, "Admiral, all jump drives are charged!"

"Roger. All ships, engage!"

As the starfield of realspace disappeared into the comforting blue glow of subspace, Santiago listened as the damage reports rolled in. It was time to lick wounds, recover any survivors from the 3rd, and fight again tomorrow. At least, now, he could tell the voice in his head that he had done what he could.


(mobcdmoc3 and Torchwood, if you'd envisioned this battle going differently, I can edit my post.)
"We have now reached the point where every goon with a grievance, every bitter bigot, merely has to place the prefix, 'I know this is not politically correct, but...' in front of the usual string of insults in order to be not just safe from criticism, but actually a card, a lad, even a hero. Conversely, to talk about poverty and inequality, to draw attention to the reality that discrimination and injustice are still facts of life, is to commit the sin of political correctness. Anti-PC has become the latest cover for creeps. It is a godsend for every curmudgeon and crank, from fascists to the merely smug."
Finian O'Toole, The Irish Times, 5 May 1994

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To: [email protected]
From: [email protected]
Subject: Re: Condolences and greetings (

Again my friend, I must apologise for the lateness of my reply. So much has happened. A frenzy of activity and emotion. Any free time I’ve had has been simply spent sleeping.

Speaking of which, it all began with me just lying there in bed. I was troubled. Something was not right. I just knew something was not right. We were missing something, all of us. And then it finally hit me. How could we all be so blind! The incoming enemy would be able to open the system to reinforcements from Aldebaran. To this day I still do not understand why no one realised, and why it took me so long. I believe there are many reasons. Most of the admirals will have had their minds focused on their sector of space. And we’ve all been sent reeling by this invasion. But the most prominent reason is probably the fact we have all been conditioned with the rigid truth that a Starlance is required to enter a system, and were not thinking beyond that. That is until the alien race known as the Zy showed us that the impossible is possible.

Off flew the bedcovers, and it’s just been a whirl of activity ever since. Realising that the battleground was no longer confined to Tauri, I made a quick decision that the forces in Aldebaran needed to be struck a heavy blow. While it was a coincidence, and our colleagues in the Aldebaran fleets took a great deal of the workload, I can’t overstate what a morale boost it was for us to jump in and finish off the 1st Cordi fleet. We were the first fleet to engage the enemy, and that fleet hammered us in that engagement. How fitting we would return and deliver the final blow. The cheering was thunderous. It reverberated right through the ship. I don’t think I’ll ever forget it, I’ve certainly never got a reaction like that to one of my speeches.

We have the measure of these insect aliens now. We have since destroyed a second of their fleets and driven a third off the front lines with severe casualties. And in your area of space, a fourth such fleet was taken down, this time with some prisoners being taken. I have heard from the 1st CRF that these insect aliens seem to share many similarities to us. Queen and country, loyalty, devotion… this is most interesting. I hope to find a calm moment to contemplate this as well, I feel there may be something in this…

I have now had time to see the plan in action. Truly you and your fellow fleet Admirals have fought Admirably. It fills me with pride to be fighting alongside such men and women.

Which brings me to what happened to the 3rd CRF. Wiped out but for a few fighters, who have now joined your fleet I understand. They fought to the highest standards of the CRF. They could not have fought better, not have been braver. And still they died. But the scariest part to me is I know that could so easily have been you. You were there. You watched them die. Only a quirk of fate stopped it from being you. I feel bad thinking that way, feeling relief that others died instead of you. But I can’t help it. We’ve been through so much together, the thought of losing you now makes me feel sick…

For all this though, the Southern fleets are still pushing the enemy back, and I still believe in the plan. However, there is one flaw, and I thought this the moment I read your message and still do. You speak about the enemy’s strategy and compare it to Hitler’s mistakes, as if we’re dealing with a human aggressor, as if a human mind and a human hand is controlling the forces ranged against us. This is a mistake. We cannot presume to think like aliens. Alien intelligence may be able to see things we cannot see. The Zy have already proved this when they jumped into Tauri and showed us that what we thought was impossible is possible. And the numbers keep on coming. Hitler stretched himself too thinly. We have no idea what reserves these aliens have, and unfortunately, I suspect all we’ve seen is the tip of the iceberg…

Of course, you will already have received my approval of the plan on the secure channel.

As for the Cordi and Nordera, your prediction is indeed correct, as proven by our successes against them now. What you say is worrying about the other races having knowledge of us. Indeed, I am absolutely confident that that is why the Cordi and Nordera were sent in first. To test us. To expose our capabilities, then hit us with their better fleets.

Indeed, I thought the very same thing. When we first detected the imminent arrival of the 1st Zy fleet, I thought they might be the masters. A race that could bypass Starlances? And when they arrived that didn’t change. Their military might is greater than ours, they could rival the Cyrvans. But then, the Hertak arrived. And there is no doubt in my mind that we’re looking at the masters here. The naked power… it is obvious why these other races have fallen under their control. Even the Zy and the Cyrvans pale in comparison. We don’t have a fighting chance against them except in the one instance we have shown: Superior numbers. Concentrating greatly superior numbers against them is the only way.

This also fills me with pride. It has continued. Every man and woman on the resupply teams has been working themselves into the ground. Even when servicing the fleets of factions they would have once distrusted. My feelings would have been the same as yours, I would have laughed. I would not have trusted human nature to be able to leave these petty squabbles behind, my surprise is total, but oh so pleasant. If we win this war, I now feel we can transcend this petty fighting, jockeying and politicking and come together as one species, one species in a galaxy that just got a lot more crowded.

Indeed. And speaking of which, I’ve seen the footage of the battle with the Hertak. Never have I been prouder to have you as a friend.

Ha ha, now this is a lighter note. Oh man, the sensationalist press. They soon shut up when the Zy and the Hertak arrived, didn’t they? Soon started licking boot when they realised that we’re all that stands between them and slavery… slimy parasites.

Oh and yes, I couldn’t stop laughing at that Cordi Shapeshifter article. Who writes this garbage?!

Take care my friend. This is the time. This is our calling in life. This is what we were born to do, what everything we have done up until this point has been building towards. We are the dam before the flood, and we must not fail.



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Gunner First Class Olga Ilieva was not a happy woman.

She was not a happy woman because she had been taken from her well-paying job in the Novgorod III shipyards and drafted into a fleet, where everybody seemed to have it out for her and which was about to reach the frontlines.

She was not a happy woman because she was quite fed up of being yelled at by Gunnery PO Petrovich and of endlessly training with the aiming terminals of her gunnery station and – most of all – spending eight hours every day standing next to a plasma bottle. She had been told (and she had no reason to doubt that brute, Petrovich) that, if it failed, it would do so explosively and take out a quite respectable part of Katyusha with it.

Gunner First Class Ilieva was not happy about standing next to a contraption that could turn her into her component atoms if it stopped working. Especially since she was pretty sure the Enemy would be doing their best to assist it in failing. With their terrible beams. And missiles.

She had been tracking the forces retreating from Draco as they dropped out of the Starlance and into real space and had paled at the ugly, red, blinking damage readings her targeting computers had flashed. Very few ships had escaped the battle unscathed; most of them bore meter-long gashes in their hulls and some still streamed atmosphere from damaged bulkheads. A CRF cruiser had been towed to safety not ten kilometers from Katyusha: it had been hit amidships by something that had ripped through armor like a hot knife through butter. It was a miracle the cruiser had been stable enough to navigate the Starlance; most of the CRF ships had not been as lucky.

“Stop gawking at that screen, Ilieva,” Petrovich snarled behind her, and Olga barely managed to not jump out of her seat.

“Yes, sir,” she said.

“If you have time to be scanning our allies, run some diagnostics on the power couplings.” Petrovich leaned over her terminal and she noted, absent-mindedly, that he did not smell like vodka. While other PO’s left their stations at the end of their shifts and got roaringly drunk at the first opportunity, Petrovich was known for spending his free hours gutting terminals and splicing circuitry around his gunnery station. “I do not trust you rookie maggots with my baby and if I see any power spikes during combat, I will drop the lot of you out the airlock in your underpants.”

“Yes, sir.”

The diagnostics came out clean, which did not guarantee anything, of course. Katyusha, like most 3rd Fleet ships was a good ship on paper; however, the time she had spent mothballed in reserve had not been kind to her systems. Even after the extensive refitting, the delays and repairs she had gone through, it was not unheard of for subsystems that had seemed to be working perfectly to fail without notice.

Gunner First Class Ilieva was not happy about that as well.

“Power distribution and flow are nominal, sir,” she said and quickly flipped through targeting modes. “All subroutines seem to be working as well.”

“Mammoth ****,” Petrovich snarled. “There was at least a half-second delay in the mode cycling. I’m betting on faulty capacitors in the redistributor circuits. Here, get up and help me with this.”

Ilieva groaned under her breath and got up, unbuckling her safety harness and ignoring the faint grins on the faces of her fellow gunners. She knelt next to Petrovich, who unscrewed an access panel and began ripping out circuits with gusto, giving them a cursory examination and laying them on a neat pile on the floor.

“Sloppy,” he murmured. “You let things like that get by you, Ilieva and they pile up and you get to the same situation that got this fleet into the **** we’re in. Maintenance!” He probed a circuit with his multi-tool and snorted. “Maintenance is key! You don’t wait for things to break down, when your life depends on them, you actively look for things that might break, before they do. Got it?”

“Yes, sir.”

“No, you didn’t, but I didn’t expect you to, so you can crawl back to your station.” Petrovich snorted triumphantly, holding a circuit board to the light. “See? Told you. Busted capacitors. Bloody second-grade materials are gonna be the end of us.”

Gunner First Class Ilieva was about to secure the last buckle of her harness, when the intercom screens over the door of Epsilon Starboard Battery snapped into holographic life. There was a short fanfare and a ghostly Delest crest flashed into existence.

“Sailors of the 3rd Fleet, attend! Sailors of the 3rd Fleet, attend! This is a Fleet-wide announcement! This is a Fleet-wide announcement!”

Olga heard Alexei Dimitrievich curse softly next to her.

“This is it, this is it, this is it…” he muttered.

The Delest crest was replaced by a shot of the Admiral, sitting at his desk in his dress uniform. There was a beat before he said anything, and Olga realized that she could hear the softly chiming of her terminal: the ship was deathly still. She felt the hair on the back of her neck standing up.

Kalazonitov reached forward and picked up a dataslate from his desk, and Olga heard the beep of a file being opened.

“Sailors of the Third Fleet,” Kalazonitov began, his voice raspy, “I have received orders from both the Ministry of War and the other Delest admirals to ensure the neutralization of all Hertak forces in Draco. As such, at ten hundred hours tomorrow, I intend to lead this fleet through the Starlance to Draco, from which I do not intend to return unless all Hertak forces are annihilated.”

He laid the dataslate on his desk and stared at the holocam.

“I realize that many of you are afraid of what you perceive as your first action. Do not be. Lay down your fear and realize who you are.

“This is not the first time you will fight for your life. This is not the first time the universe throws what it thinks is an unstoppable force at us. But we are
Delest. We have become such a force ourselves. We are soldiers from the first time we are assigned a position. We fight for our lives every day. Whether you come for the frozen wastes of Siberia IV, or the inhospitable peaks of the Ural moons, or the searing forges of the Archangel foundries, you know what it is like to fight, for we fight every day to carve our place among the stars.

“This is all that I ask of you.Think of
who you are . Think of the spirit you have shown as Delest citizens and show that spirit tomorrow, as Delest sailors. Think of all the hardships you have encountered and overcome and think of tomorrow’s action as nothing more that another obstacle that we will brush aside. Stand by your posts and let them come and let them try to grind us down; we are Delest  and when you try to grind down a Delest man, you only hone his spirit.

“For the glory of the Empress and the honor of the Fleet, Kalazonitov, out.”

There was a short fanfare again, and the holoscreen went dark.


“Ilieva, will you buckle that harness, or will I have to kick you across the Battery?”

Olga tore her eyes off the dark screen and snapped her belt closed. “Sorry, sir,” she said breathlessly.

The spirits of her mates were subdued during the rest of the shift. She realized, however, that the atmosphere was subtly different from that of the earlier days. And she also realized that she felt different herself. Gunner First Class Olga Ilieva was not happy, but she did not feel that ill at ease next to the plasma bottle anymore. It was still a dangerous thing, true, but it wouldn’t kill her any worse than a faulty plasma torch, or a fusion burner in the Novgorod shipyards.

When the shift was over, she rose, stretched and went to follow her mates to the bunks; then she saw Petrovich taking out his multi-tool and bending over a mass of cables next to a tracking terminal and paused.

“Will…” She hesitated. “Will you need help with that, sir?”

Petrovich looked up and his lips twitched.

“You any good with a titanium solder, Ilieva?”


“This is a mistake, sir,” Fighter Command Captain Grishenko sighed, following Kalazonitov through the corridors of Katyusha. “At least from the point of view of a fighter commander. We have new fighters right there!”

He pointed vaguely to the outside of the ship.

“Right there! I only need a few days to transfer them to our capital ships and shake them down. We could attack with Rays sir!”

“Yes, Captain,” Kalazonitov sighed, as a blast door slid to the side with a soft hiss. “We could attack with Rays, in a few days. The Hertak will not wait for us to do so, you can depend upon that. Right now, they’re in disarray, after chasing our retreating allies through Draco. If we allow them to reorganize, they might resupply. Or get reinforced. Or worse, retreat.”

“Why would that be bad sir?” Grishenko said, stepping through the door. “If they do, we just smash through their allies and re-take Draco”.

“Because, Captain, Draco is as good as ours already.” Kalazonitov said, his cane tapping a rhythm on the floor. “The point is, that we should achieve our goals with the least amount of casualties on our side and the maximum amount of damage inflicted on the enemy. Tell me captain, what is better: to get mixed up in a war of attrition with the Hertak thralls, while their First Fleet resupplies behind the lines and prepares to counterattack, or kill them off once and for all and then deal with a demoralized Fur’angle and a battle-damaged Nordera fleet?”

They had reached the door to Katyusha’s bridge, and Kalazonitov paused before entering.

“Don’t worry, Captain,” he said, smiling. “I assure you, you will have the next-generation fighters available immediately after our clash with the Hertak.”

“Sir, we will have to retreat again, if we are to transfer them to our carriers.” Grishenko pointed out, evidently unhappy.

“Not at all,” Kalazonitov said coolly. “I intend to take them with us.”


“The fleet tenders that carried them here have been generously donated to the Third Fleet by system Governor Di Xin.” Kalazonitov said. “They will accompany us in Draco, where we will complete the fighter transfer. Then they will return to Vega, where they will stock up on heavy ordnance and join us again, this time working as logistics vessels.”

“You will take unarmed transports into a warzone?” Grishenko gasped, as the door opened and Kalazonitov stepped into the bridge. “…sir?”

“Yes, Captain,” Kalazonitov said, collapsing into his chair, calling up the tactical network and, as an afterthought motioning the crew that had snapped to attention back to their terminals. “I intend to give you your fighters as soon as possible. After we destroy the Hertak, we very well may have to retreat, and leave the mopping up to our allies. If we do, I want your fighters to cover our retreat and I want you to have the best tools for the job that we can give you. Dismissed.”

Captain Urumov, the commanding officer of the Katyusha handed Kalazonitov a dataslate and the Admiral spent the next few minutes perusing inventories and lists.

“Good,” he finally said. “Are we ready, Captain?”

“As we’ll ever be, Admiral. The crew is rested, all systems are functional. She’s ready to go.”

“Very well, then.”

Kalazonitov called up the Fleet Command network and images of his division commanders flashed into existence on the holoscreen before him.

“Gentlemen,” the Admiral said, “at this point you should all be familiarized with our battle plan. I expect each of you to lead a division of warships against a Hertak Armageddon battleship and I expect you to dispatch your targets with extreme prejudice and efficiency. Conserve the lives of your men, but ensure that the enemy is destroyed before they can re-organize. Our allies in Draco will provide us with the latest intel when we jump and you will have to jump again immediately, to make the most of our advantage. Again: rapid assault, overwhelming power to a point.”

The officers signaled assent and Kalazonitov nodded in return and cut the transmission.

“Well, Captain,” he addressed Urumov. “She’s yours. Take us through, if you please.”

A few minutes later, the Starlance closed on the last of the fleet tenders, following on the wake of the 3rd Delest Fleet.
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Virgo Orbital Station 2
Virgo System

Commodore Jameson moves around the orbital decks briskly. Some on the leisure deck already starting to notice him walking pass them several times already. He appears to be searching for someone or something. He apparently has search every room in the station. After about an hour of searching, it looks like he was about to give up and took a seat on a chair in the leisure deck.

"Did you guys saw Duke Nightwing, or whatever he is called?" he asked to a group of people playing poker on the table behind his chair.  They looked around at each other in confusion before one of them stood up. "Duke what? I am sorry but I don't think I know anyone with that name".

"I mean did you see a rather well dressed man, he has brown hair I think."

"You mean that man over there?" one of them points at someone across the room. Commodore Jameson turns to take a look, only to see it was Baron Markus, who was sitting next to a round table. "No, I mean another one, he has a toothbruth mustache I think, you can't miss him."

Suddenly the men knew who Commodore Jameson was looking for. "Yeah, I saw him. He was around here. But come to think of it, that was two days ago. I haven't seen him again ever since." Commodore Jameson shakes his head, then he turns around and walks up to Baron Markus who was also in the room.

"Ah, Commodore Jameson, what can I do for you today? More merc contract I presume."

"Of course, for Rear Admiral Yuen this time. But before that, did you saw Duke Nightwing or any of his guys?"

Behind them, Gavriil who was carrying 2 mugs of drink answered. "I saw him of course, but not today." He puts down the mugs on the table and peers out of the window. Only then he noticed something was missing from the scenery. "Now that you mention it, the Golden Dawn is not here anymore. I swear it was there some time ago. His cruisers disappeared too."

"So he is gone, did he followed the 1st Fleet or something?"

"Probably, but I am not sure. But I presume someone in the first fleet is going to inform you at least if he was with them. I heard they haven't decided to hire the next batch of mercs. Knowing him, if not hired by anyone, it is more likely he is with one of the CRF fleet than anywhere else."

"Damn, now I need to find another group. I wanted to watch that ship of his in action again. That makes you to be the only Black Knights group around here. I somehow don't trust those insane Berserker mercs from Harcon. They have problem following orders."

"I haven't seen Captain von Jakob either."

"He is on leave, he said his squadron need some rest."

Commodore Jameson stopped for a minute, something has apparently sparked in his head. "Wait, he usually don't do this. I don't think the Vaqueros are going for a holiday. Now where did they go."

"Going with Duke Nightwing perhaps?" Baron Markus said, but somehow he felt that it was the truth, even though he didn't know it. "Perhaps some secret mission they are going to take."

"If what you said is true, I wonder what kind of mission that is."


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In times of peace, the Wyvern comet debris field was a beehive of mining traffic, extraction operations and ore shipping. As the Hierarchy Juggernaut had pushed the desperate defenders back to the neighboring systems, the field had been abandoned, left to continue its highly eccentric orbit around Draco.

It was currently at aphelion, almost twenty Astronomical Units to the Galactic North of the system plane; and for the first time in months, it was seeing activity.

One would need to know what to look for, because the Delest ships were operating at maximum stealth, their power emissions kept to a minimum and their heat dispersal systems blasting the excess heat away in tightly focused beams, aimed away from the known locations of enemy forces. But, if one could somehow visualize the complicated network of tightbeam communications, short-range traffic and stealthed fighter patrols, the whole Wyvern belt would light up like a dew-covered spider’s web at dawn.


“There, you see?” Admiral Kalazonitov leaned back on his chair and nursed his glass of vodka like a firstborn. “I told you you’d get to use your shiny new fighters.”

“They weren’t Rays, though,” Captain Grishenko grinned like a schoolboy that had been offered a new bike. “How, in the name of the Empress, did you get Spirt-Voz and Sodesukas, sir? I thought they were only issued to Home Fleets.”

“As much as I would like to thank the good Governor Di Xin for this as well, I must render unto Ceasar what belongs to Ceasar,” the Admiral smiled and swirled the vodka around before taking a sip. “We have our contacts in the Ministry to thank for that. After Vice Admiral Ralwood and I notified HQ about our plans to hit the Hertak, they were kind enough to review some of our long-standing doctrines and authorized the wider distribution of home-produced strikecraft.”

Grishenko nodded, but his smile faltered. “On that, subject, sir, I must express my concerns regarding the pilots we picked up from the 1st Fleet. I know the reasons for which we must keep a total communications blackout outside the field, but I must ask: is there no way we can find out what happened to the Fist of Silva? Our own men and women are in high spirits after our victory, but the stragglers we picked up are understandably worried about their shipmates.”

Kalazonitov sighed, downed the vodka and poured himself another glass. “No, Captain, no news I’m afraid. We know it wasn’t good. We haven’t picked up any emissions from the 1st, so they are either hiding, or have retreated, or they are ... gone. However, this doesn’t change anything. We had contingencies for such a case. The 1st and 4th CRF are standing by to relieve us and, while I am not happy about having to work with the damned limeys, I grant you this: they fight like they’ve got hydrochloric acid splashed on their asses.”

Both officers looked up, as the door to the Admiral’s quarters opened and Lieutenant Commander Skivlana entered with a parade-ground salute.

“May I, Admiral?”

“Stop that, Tanya,” Kalazonitov rubbed his forehead in exasperation. “There is nobody to impress with our military pomp here. Come in, have a drink, and tell me what is going on.”

“Sir, our patrols ran across the wreck of the Aurora.”

There was silence for a few seconds.

“We are doing our best at keeping the information from reaching the rest of the crew. The pilots who discovered the hulk are held incommunicado and I think we can keep a lid on it for the time being. But I thought you had to know as soon as possible.”

Kalazonitov leaned back into his chair and, once again, the low lighting and his lanky limbs extending from inside the shadow of his seat made him look like a gaunt spider.

“Good work, Tanya,” he said, finally. “Dmitri, go and check on them, reassure them, and let them know why we are doing this. This must be nerve-wracking for them. Let them know that they have done their job admirably, that I am personally grateful to them for their diligence and the information they have provided us and that they will receive glowing reports and recommendation for advancement, but they need to wait for a bit before we let them talk to anybody. Tell them we trust them with the secret, but they might let something slip and we cannot afford the news to get out or morale will skydive. Got all that?”

“Yes, sir.” Grishenko rose, emptied his vodka glass in one shot, saluted with a grim look and left. Kalazonitov waited until the door closed and called up a map of the system in his desk’s holoprojector. The tactical display cast a dull red glow around the room.

“This narrows our options,” the Admiral mused, motioning Lieutenant Commander Skivlana to the same chair Grishenko had vacated. “I had originally planned to smash through any resistance the Hierarchy would throw our way and retreat to Vega under the cover of the 1st Fleet, but now the situation has changed. We must avoid action, if we are to give our allies time to reinforce us. Damn that 2nd Hertak! I never thought they’d leave such a gaping hole in the southern front to neutralize one of our fleets.”

“They sacrificed their strategic advantage for a tactical one, sir,” Skivlana said, her voice cold. “Hopefully, they will come to regret it.”

“Yes, it was, probably, a long-term error,” Kalazonitov said, softly. “But we are here, nonetheless, and they have some awfully big guns staring us in the face, and they are not as damaged as the 1st Hertak was and the fleet that was supposed to cover us is gone and, honestly, Tanya, right now, I am not particularly concerned about us winning the war in a year, I am concerned getting my fleet out of this mess, in which the enemy enjoys a tactical advantage.”

“Yes, sir.”

There was a crooked grin in Kalazonitov’s face. “Do I detect a hint of reproach, Lieutenant Commander?”

“Never, sir.”

“Sorry for that outburst, nonetheless.”

The Admiral rubbed his jaw in thought. “Is the fleet resupplied, Tanya?”

“Fully, sir,” Skivlana nodded. “Some of our capital ships cannot repair the damage they sustained, but we have a full fighter complement, including the fighters we picked up from the first, and we have more than enough heavy ordnance for our weapons. Re-arming is almost complete as we speak.”

“Good,” Kalazonitov said. “Do we have any manufacturing capability? I’m thinking small, simple metal things. Lots of them. Can we churn out something like this in short notice?”

“Of course, sir,” Skivlana said, raising an inquiring eyebrow. “We can get the hydraulic presses onboard the fleet tenders to stamp out something.”

“Very well. Here’s what I have in mind…”


Senior Gunner Olga Ilieva was quite happy, in a dazed and non-believing kind of way.

She had experienced combat and the adrenaline rush had been something she would remember for the rest of her life. The frantic activity onboard Katyusha as the flagship had led her sister-ship, Anastasia and the cruiser Volga in the hunt for straggling Armageddon battleships, the cold sweat that had run down her back as they had emerged from subspace directly behind a crippled giant, escorted by another, fully functioning Hertak ship, the thrill of her wielding the massive beam battery like a sword against the enemy.

The Admiral (and Ilieva had to exert an effort of will in order to think of him as ‘the Admiral’ and not ‘the Old Man’) had pounced on the chance and the ships had attacked immediately. Ilieva still vividly remembered the almost balletic maneuvers Captain Urumov had coaxed the ship into performing, straining the inertial compensators to the limit, pinning his sailors against their safety harnesses with overwhelming g’s and allowing Ilieva and her shipmates clear shots at the Hertak engines.

The Tzar Antimatter warheads Katyusha and Anastasia had sent up the enemies’ tailpipes had given Draco two more suns, short-lived, but brilliant.

And after the cleanup was done, after the fighter jocks and the Volga's point-defense crews had contemptuously swatted the last enemy fightercraft from the sky, there was work to be done. There were repairs to be made, and guns to be recalibrated, and casualties to be ejected in ballistic trajectories toward the sun (thankfully fewer than Olga had feared there would be and none from her station).

And after lugging warheads to the missile batteries and repairing an overloaded power relay and re-charging the power gel packs of the battery terminals and doing a thousand and one other chores, Ilieva was standing in one of Katyusha’s cavernous hangars and doing her best not to grin, as the Captain himself – the Captain! – pinned shining metal insignia on her collar and saluted her.

She staggered back to the ranks, as another sailor took her place and fingered the new addition to her uniform. It was a small thing, not bigger than her thumb and without the ribbons and frills she always thought medals came with; but it was a medal nonetheless and it was her medal. A small depiction of a Hertak Arageddon, with a snarling dragon curled around it. The Admiral had given a speech, about how they were heroes, about how they’d all earned it and how it wasn’t official to anybody but him and them, but it was still something they could take pride in and Olga had liked what she’d heard.

The Knights of Draco

She had liked that. A lot.

'Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent'  -Salvor Hardin, "Foundation"

So don't take a hammer to your computer. ;-)