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Seeking to work on The Babylon 5 Project
I am NEW here, looking to work on this project, I'm an independant music producer but I don't know where and who to make contact with...
Please, "The Babylon Project" allow me to make music for the game.
NOTICE: I have attached an .mp3 sample of a "theme" I made as an example, I can always make more

* If you need to contact me, contact me either via email [email protected], or reply back on this topic and I will be honored to start work  :yes:

 :warp: Sean out  ;)

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Re: Seeking to work on The Babylon 5 Project
First of all, welcome to our board. Musicians are always welcome; I am sure that if you look at the other projects being hosted here outside of TBP, you can find work as a composer there as well.

That being said, there are a few things you should know:
1. Enhancements for TBP are covered by the Zathras project, whose board can be found here
2. Leaving your email out in the open like that is an invitation for spambots.
3. Forum attachments can not be trusted to stay up for more than a few days. I would recommend using a more permanent venue, like youtube, dropbox, or mediafire to host your stuff.

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Re: Seeking to work on The Babylon 5 Project
If you wish to make additional music for the game please feel free to do so.  Your free to make anything you feel like for use with TBP.  As long as it fits into the B5 universe it will probably get added into Zathras for developers to use.  I would suggest you familiarize yourself with music.tbl for the individual tracks that make up the soundtracks.  As E said the place to discuss this is down in public development.  For completed tracks I would suggest also opening a mantis ticket with a description of the new asset and a link to it.  That way it is sure not to get deleted or lost in a thread somewhere. 

BTW if you also do sound effects I've recently discovered that we are missing a couple of those as well. 
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