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Age of Aquarius - Perfomance issues
Hi there,

I am experiencing major performance issues with the Blue Planet: Age of Aquarius - The Director's Cut campaign.
Recently I finished the FreeSpace 2 campaign using FreeSpace 2 Open 3.7.0 and all 3.6.12 MediaVPs without running into any trouble (launcher settings maxed out as well).
Now I am not able to play the Age of Aquarius campaign due to low framerates and slowdowns. I already followed the performance advice given in this thread (
Furthermore I chose the lowest graphical settings via the launcher, but the issue remains.
As I am a total beginner regarding FreeSpace 2 (I started playing it a week ago), I recognize I could have done something wrong or missed an important part.

Any help would be much appreciated.

My System:
Win7 64-bit
Amd FX 8350
Radeon 7850

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Re: Age of Aquarius - Perfomance issues
I've heard E say something about the GCN architecture causing issues with Freespace 2.  So video cards that use the GCN architecture, like the 7850, have issues with the game.  Keep track of this
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Re: Age of Aquarius - Perfomance issues
Thank you MachManX,

I will post my issues in the other thread then.
Thank you for taking the time.

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